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A communication system that communicates for locating one or more tags in a time and energy efficient manner. The tags are positioned in a communication region and are located by a locator. The tags are located through organized transmission and reception of signals between the tags and the locator. ...




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Techniques for monitoring and tracking assets and providing notifications to users are disclosed. In one aspect, a request to track an asset and enterprise data describing the asset are received, a tag is selected to associate with the asset, an event notification is received from the tag, and a use ...

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An apparatus (10, 240, 300) includes a signpost (11, 241-256, 322, 612, 623, 626-628, 652, 661, 682, 686, 703) which transmits signpost signals (24) that are received by a tag (12, 271-275, 301-316, 395-397, 616-618, 641-643, 653, 656-657, 662-664, 679, 708, 711). The tag in turn transmits radio fre ...


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A commerce visibility network allows for the collection and distribution of real-time location and status information regarding the movement of goods and assets through a supply chain. Items and/or conveyances may be individually tagged using radio frequency identifiers or other tagging technologies ...

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A container for locally determining a container state using a state device. The state device detects unexpected events by comparing expected event information with actual event information related to a container condition. The container condition includes, for example, environmental conditions, logi ...

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This invention discloses a small slot antenna incorporated within a flat circuit board and having a three dimension omni-directional radiation pattern. In one embodiment, the antenna is formed as an L shaped slot along two edges of the circuit board of a miniature radio transceiver. The antenna is i ...