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A solvent deasphalting of crude oil or petroleum heavy fractions and residues is carried out in the presence of a solid adsorbent, such as clay, silica, alumina and activated carbon, which adsorbs the contaminants and permits the solvent and oil fraction to be removed as a separate stream from which ...

Omer Refa Koseoglu: Process for removal of nitrogen and poly-nuclear aromatics from hydrocracker feedstocks. Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, July 27, 2010: US07763163 (68 worldwide citation)

A feedstream to a hydrocracking unit is treated to remove or reduce the content of polynuclear aromatics and nitrogen-containing compounds by contacting the feedstream with an adsorbent compound selected from attapulgus clay, alumina, silica gel and activated carbon in a fixed bed or slurry column a ...

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A fully-parallelized, highly-efficient compositional implicit hydrocarbon reservoir simulator is provided. The simulator is capable of solving giant reservoir models, of the type frequently encountered in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, with fast turnaround time. The simulator may be imp ...

Ali A Al Zahrani: Method of mixing a corrosion inhibitor in an acid-in-oil emulsion. Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, October 18, 2011: US08039422 (48 worldwide citation)

An acid-in-oil emulsion having a corrosion inhibitor as the external phase has been found to prevent downhole corrosion when acidizing carbonate formations to enhance hydrocarbon recovery.

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A method for rupturing a glass disc in a well completion tool located downhole in a section of production tubing includes providing a wellhead isolation tool, or tree saver, to isolate the wellhead Christmas tree, adding a pressurized fluid to the tubing/casing annulus and pumping a disc rupturing f ...

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A system, software, and methods related to enhanced pharmaceutical order entry and administration by medical personnel, and enhanced pharmaceutical inventory control within a medical institution are provided. An embodiment of the system includes a pharmaceutical information management server having ...

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Methods and apparatus are provided for determining the pore volume compressibility, the porosity at stress and the relative porosity change of reservoir rock samples. In accordance with the invention, as few as two pore volume measurements of reservoir rock samples are obtained at simulated overburd ...

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A system to measure fluid flow characteristics in a pipeline, meter, and methods includes a pipeline having a passageway to transport flowing fluid therethrough, a process density meter including at least portions thereof positioned within the pipeline to provide flowing fluid characteristics includ ...

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A targeted heterogeneous medium in the form of an underground layered formation is gridded into a layered structured grid or a layered semi-unstructured grid. The structured grid can be of the irregular corner-point-geometry grid type or the simple Cartesian grid type. The semi-unstructured grid is ...

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Energy-efficient gasification-based multi-generation apparatus, facilities, or systems, and methods of modifying existing gasification-based multi-generation apparatus and the various conventional thermal coupling arrangements, are provided. Apparatus for managing waste heat recovery through integra ...