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A LED pixel structure that reduces current nonuniformities and threshold voltage variations in a “drive transistor”of the pixel structure is disclosed. The LED pixel structure incorporates a current source for loading data into the pixel via a data line. Alternatively, an auto zero voltage is determ ...

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A recognition system which obtains and analyzes images of at least one object in a scene comprising a wide field of view (WFOV) imager which is used to capture an image of the scene and to locate the object and a narrow field of view (NFOV) imager which is responsive to the location information prov ...

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A method of constructing an image mosaic comprising the steps of selecting source images, aligning the source images, selecting source segments, enhancing the images, and merging the images to form the image mosaic is disclosed. An apparatus for constructing an image mosaic comprising means for sele ...

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The invention provides a parallel reaction device for conducting reactions therein comprising one or more reaction flow-ways, each such reaction flow-way comprising one or more chambers connected serially by fluid exchange channels, additional fluid exchange channels connecting such reaction channel ...

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A tool to be used with a search engine for a information management system includes methods for refining, filtering, and organizing search queries and search results. A query tuner in the tool allows a user to automatically reformulate a query in order to find a reasonable number of matching documen ...

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LED pixel structures and methods that improve brightness uniformity by reducing current nonuniformities in a light-emitting diode of the pixel structures are disclosed.

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A pixel structure for use in a display using organic light emitting diodes (O-LEDs) is described. Each pixel structure of an overall array includes an organic light emitting diode (O-LED). Additionally, the structure includes circuitry for allowing the structure to operate in three basic modes: writ ...

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The present invention provides a liquid distribution system, which is useful in a number of contexts, including in accomplishing various synthetic, diagnostic and drug screening reactions. The distribution system can comprise an alpha reservoir and a beta reservoir, a first set of parallel and adjac ...

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A system and method for accurately mapping between image coordinates and geo-coordinates, called geo-spatial registration. The system utilizes the imagery and terrain information contained in the geo-spatial database to precisely align geodetically calibrated reference imagery with an input image, e ...