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The accuracy of demodulation of data from a magnetic stripe is enhanced by comparing time intervals between successive peaks of each character of the signal read from the stripe against a set of predetermined reference successive peak time intervals for the data characters.

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A magnetic card reader to read magnetic cards having either a first or a second format for the magnetic data on a stripe. The reader includes a first and second format processor for first and second patterns, a format selector to select one of the two format processor in accordance with a selection ...

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A rotating electric machine comprises an armature arrange opposite the periphery of a magnet which is rigidly fitted to a rotary shaft. The armature has a plurality of salient poles arranged on it and projecting towards the magnet. The machine is characterized in that the surface of each of the sali ...

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A motor for driving a magnetic disk in which the rotational center of the magnetic disk is a fixed shaft. The motor has a frame, a shaft formed integral with the frame, an armature, a bearing provided on the shaft, a hub to which a magnetic disk is securable, a magnetic sealing material arranged in ...

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A hydrodynamic bearing apparatus which includes at least two hydrodynamic bearing sections for rotatably supporting a shaft member and a cylindrical member, where the bearing sections constitute a continuous bearing clearance. A hydrodynamic pressure generating portion is provided for generating a h ...

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A hydrodynamic bearing apparatus comprises two hydrodynamic bearing sections which have a shaft member, a bearing member fit to the shaft member with a predetermined space therein, lubricants filling the space between the shaft member and the bearing member, and which are separately placed in the ax ...

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A card with a magnetic stripe when fed into a card reader can be illegally read by a read head unobtrusively attached to the outside of the card reader adjacent to the slot into which the card is fed. To defeat this illegal reading, movement of a card through the read head is interrupted thereby mak ...

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A lens driving device includes a moving body equipped with a lens and a driving magnet attached to the lens, and a fixed body that is equipped with a driving coil that forms together with the driving magnet a magnetic circuit and moves the moving body in an optical axis direction of the lens between ...

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A bearing seal system having a bag structure in a first embodiment wherein (1) oil is filled in a tapering bag space section positioned from the bag section to an exit section; (2) the space in the tapering space section is kept to 0.8 mm or less the slope angle of the outer end of the tapering spac ...

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A motor comprises a motor rotation shaft, a first thrust bearing which supports one end of the motor rotation shaft and a second thrust bearing which supports the other end of the motor rotation shaft to control positioning in a thrust direction of the motor rotation shaft. The first thrust bearing ...