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Pharmaceutical compositions comprising a cyclosporin, e.g. Ciclosporin or [Nva].sup.2 -Ciclosporin, in "microemulsion pre-concentrate" and microemulsion form. The compositions typically comprise (1.1) a C.sub.1-5 alkyl or tetrahydrofurfuryl di- or partial-ether of a low molecular weight mono- or pol ...

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A gastrostomy feeding port includes a deformable, conical tip portion having at least one side aperture therethrough, a tube portion which extends rearwardly from the tip portion, a fitting portion on the rear end of the tube portion, a removable valve portion in the fitting portion and a flange por ...

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Microspheres, prepared by the low-temperature e.g., -40.degree. to -100.degree. C., phase separation of a polymer and a core material.


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The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising a pharmacologically active monocyclic peptide and a carrier comprising at least one of the following components:

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Disclosed herein is a patient ventilator apparatus having a pneumatic control system operable in three different modes wherein the apparatus assists the breathing of the patient, controls the patient's breathing in a timed manner, or operates in a combination assist/control mode according to certain ...

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Microspheres, prepared by solvent removal from an oil-in-water emulsion using carboxylic acid salt surfactant, e.g., sodium oleate as the emulsifier.

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Compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein one of R and R.sub.o is ##STR2## and the other is primary or secondary C.sub.1-6 alkyl not containing an asymmetric carbon atom, C.sub.3-6 cycloalkyl or phenyl-(CH.sub.2).sub.m --,

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L'invention a pour objet les inhibiteurs hydrophiles de la rénine, en particulier les composés de formule :(CF DESSIN DANS BOPI)dans laquelle W signifie -O-, -NR2 - ou -CH2 -, R1 signifie des restes organiques variés et A, B, C et D signifient une liaison ou des restes organiques variés.

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Polyethylene oxide polymer is employed as a directly compressible binder matrix for therapeutically active dosage forms. Advantageously, the polyethylene oxide has an adjustable rate control effect on the release of medicament from the dosage form, enabling in particular the preparation of sustained ...