Si han Kim: Portable display device having an expandable screen. Samsung Display Devices, Christie Parker & Hale, July 17, 2001: US06262785 (176 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a portable display device including a main body, an extension portion connected to the main body such that the extension portion can be folded over and spread apart from the same, means for inputting data in the main body, and display means, provided in both the main body and the extens ...

Ki duck Kwon: Information input apparatus having functions of both touch panel and digitizer, and driving method thereof. Samsung Display Devices, Leydig Voit & Mayer, September 23, 1997: US05670755 (123 worldwide citation)

An information input apparatus having both functions of touch panel and digitizer is disclosed including a stylus pen for applying a power source and for touching, a panel having upper and lower substrates, a first resistive layer formed on the upper substrate, a second resistive layer formed on the ...

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A power generator includes a booster that boosts an input voltage supplied from a power supply unit and that supplies a boosted input voltage to an output terminal, a selector that selects one of the input voltage and a voltage at the output terminal as a selected voltage and supplies the selected v ...

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An electronic apparatus includes an LCD device having at least one flexible portion, a main body having the front, rear, right and left sides, and a coupling member for coupling the LCD device to the main body. The LCD device have a screen size more than twice the total upper surface of the main bod ...

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Disclosed is active material for a positive electrode used in lithium secondary batteries of Formula 1 below and a method manufacturing the same, a surface of the active material being coated with metal oxide. The method includes the steps of producing a crystalline powder or a semi-crystalline powd ...

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A donor film for an organic thin film of an organic electroluminescence device (EL device), and a method for manufacturing an organic EL device using the same. The donor film includes a base film, a light-absorbing layer formed on the base film, and a transfer layer formed on the light-absorbing lay ...

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A flexible LCD device includes first and second substrates spaced away from each other in a parallel relationship. An electrode, an insulating layer, and an orientation layer are deposited on each substrate in order. A liquid crystal layer is formed between the first and second substrates. At least ...

Jae phil Cho, Geun bae Kim: Glass-polymer composite electrolyte and a method of preparing the same. Samsung Display Devices, Christie Parker & Hale, May 23, 2000: US06066417 (59 worldwide citation)

A glass-polymer composite electrolyte includes a glass electrolyte having a lithium compound and at least one compound selected from P.sub.2 S.sub.5, SiS.sub.2 or GeS.sub.2, and a polymer electrolyte comprising a lithium salt.

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A smart card includes a transparent circuit board on which an integrated circuit, function switches, a power source, and other parts are mounted, an upper substrate facing the circuit board, upper and lower electrodes respectively located on facing surfaces of upper substrate and the circuit board, ...

Eui yeul Park: Liquid crystal device including backlight lamps having different spectral characteristics for adjusting display color and method of adjusting display color. Samsung Display Devices, Leydig Voit & Mayer, April 18, 2000: US06050704 (51 worldwide citation)

A liquid crystal display (LCD) device including an LCD panel having liquid crystal cells, a color filter, and fluorescent lamps for back lighting located at a rear side of the LCD panel. The light generated by respective fluorescent lamps has different wavelength distributions. Thus, the color of th ...