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RFID tags attached to a product contain information regarding the product and communicate this information to a reader. This information can include the age of the product, the amount of product left and preparation or care instructions for the product. To record the age of a product, a timer is ini ...

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Disclosed herein are sunscreens. They are formulated to also include a water resistance agent and an insect repellent. One form has in an aqueous emulsion DEET, a sunscreen agent, an anionic surfactant, an alkylated PVP, and octyldodecyl neopentanoate. Methods for making and using such sunscreens ar ...

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A dispensing device for continuous aerosol dispensing. The device includes a skirt having a lower edge adapted for attachment to an aerosol container, an actuator button hinged to the skirt and engageable with the valve stem, and a discharge orifice in the button in fluid communication with the valv ...

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Disclosed herein are hard surface cleaners and methods for creating and using them. The cleaners combine a monocarboxylic acid with an ampholytic surfactant having no carboxyl groups, in an aqueous solution. In one aspect, lactic acid, water, and sodium caprylo ampho hydroxpropyl sulphonate are pres ...

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Disclosed herein are mosquito coils having an enlarged outer portion for providing quick coverage of an insect control ingredient in a space that previously had none. The coil is provided with urea for greater breakage resistance and kerosene and peanut shell powder to improve igniting and burning c ...

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A sashless window structure which is economical in building construction and in rehabilitation of old buildings. The structure includes unique track members, preferably extrusions, having a flat base strip and a multiplicity of resilient flat finger strips mounted lengthwise along one surface of the ...

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Apparatus for arranging overcaps in like orientation. The apparatus includes a cylindrical bin for holding a large number of jumbled overcaps. The bin has an opening on one side along which a chute is located. A cylindrical array of horizontal flight bars, each pivotal about a horizontal axis and ea ...