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An apparatus for the simultaneous dispensing of fluids from multiple containers in a pre-determined ratio. The apparatus has a pump, at least two fluid containers, a fluid transfer device including dip tubes to transfer fluid from the containers to the pump, a venting system that prevents the creati ...

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An open-ended tamper-resistant container has a flexible seal over the oven end. The tamper-resistant container is particularly suited for holding a volatile material for slow diffusion. The container has at least one free-standing rib which prevents downward pressure or squeezing on the flexible sea ...

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A one-piece flexible-plastic fluid container or pouch (130), adapted for containment of a fluid, is disclosed. The pouch (130) comprises a bottom (135) and a pair of sidewalls (132 and 133) that are unitary with the bottom (135). Each sidewall (132 and 133) includes edge margins disposed transverse ...

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A guidance system for a self-advancing vehicle such as a floor washing machine is provided in an arrangement which does not spoil the beauty of, for example, a floor surface, which can be reused multiple times, which is low in cost and which more reliably follows a guidance line. A guidance line is ...

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This invention provides an improved method and system for controlling a self-propelled floor cleaning vehicle characterized by the fact that the vehicle has excellent cleaning performance. This method is applied to a floor cleaning vehicle that follows a guidance line located on the floor. It detect ...

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This invention relates to a high alcohol content aerosol antimicrobial mousse which is dispensed as a foam for use as an antiseptic. The mousse composition comprises (1) 85-98% of an intermediate concentrate and (2) 2-15% of a hydrocarbon propellant. The intermediate concentrate comprises from 52-75 ...

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A non-occlusive base composition for personal care compositions providing enhanced conditioning and protection against dryness includes a panthenyl moisturizer and an emollient which includes a polyhydric alcoholic humectant and a polyether derivative.

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A vapor dispensing device having an outer shell (10); a one piece electric plug heater block (40) having attached electric plug pins (48), the block being attached to the outer shell such that the block can rotate a predetermined amount around an axis parallel to the plug pins; and a wick (36) in fl ...

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A robotic surface treating device that can perform carpet sweeping, hard-surface dry sweeping/wiping, and hard-surface sweeping/mopping is disclosed. The robotic surface treating device includes a sweeper brush, a dust bin for collecting debris from the brush, a reel-to-reel sheet of cleaning materi ...