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A three-piece solid golf ball comprising an inner core 1a, an outer core 1b, and a cover formed principally of an ionomer resin, wherein said inner core 1a has a diameter of 10 to 38 mm, said outer core 1b has a specific gravity of 0.2 to 0.79 and has a diameter of 37 to 40 mm and a total weight of ...

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A distribution type tactile sensor, which comprises a plurality of electrodes provided in pairs at respective pressure sensing points on a pressure sensitive conductive rubber sheet capable of changing the electrical resistance responsive to compressive forces, and a rectifier element provided to re ...

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Disclosed is a three-piece solid golf ball comprising a solid core consisting of an inner core and an outer shell surrounding said inner core, and a cover covering said solid core, characterized in that a diameter of said inner core is 29 to 36 mm, a diameter of said solid core is 37 to 41 mm, a cen ...

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A solid golf ball consisting of a core, an intermediate layer and a cover, said core having a diameter of not more than 32 mm and a specific gravity of not less than 1.50 and being a composition comprising 100 parts by weight of a polybutadiene rubber, 10 to 50 parts by weight of zinc acrylate or me ...


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An outdoor working automating system includes a rice reaper having a position detecting unit for detecting a position by receiving radio waves from a GPS satellite and a control unit for controlling the position of the rice reaper sa that the position traces predetermined route data, and a rice tran ...

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Hydroxy terminated polyethers are obtained by reacting (1) epoxide and oxetane monomers with (2) a telogen at least partially soluble with the monomers, reactive with said monomers and being selected from the group consisting of phenols (3) in admixture therewith as catalysts certain double metal cy ...

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A golf club head comprises an outer titanium club-head shell, and a titanium sole portion integrally coupled to the outer club-head shell. A weight fitting hole is bored in the sole portion, and a plurality of cutouts are formed in the inner peripheral edge portion of the fitting hole. A weight made ...

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An iron type golf club head having the whole or the central part of a ball striking face thereof, which directly touches a golf ball, fabricated from a material possessing a compression Young's modulus (modules of longitudinal elasticity) lower than that of steel.

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A metallic hollow golf club head comprising a sole plate molded from a light metal and formed with a fitting hole, and a weight of a heavy metal press-fitted into the fitting hole and fixed solidly to the sole plate. Also disclosed is a metallic hollow golf club head comprising a sole plate molded f ...