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A probe for determining at what point in space contact is made between an object and a stylus. The stylus is located in an accurately defined rest position relative to a housing and slight deflection of the stylus away from this rest position is detected preferably by electrical switches.

Paul Newman: Surface coating for machine elements having rubbing surfaces. Rolls-Royce, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, February 1, 1977: US04005914 (143 worldwide citation)

In a foil gas bearing or other similar machine element the relatively rigid shaft is coated with a glaze-forming oxide layer between 0.003 and 0.020 ins. thick, while the relatively thin foils are coated with a layer of a compound comprising cobalt and chromium carbide to a depth of up to 0.003 ins. ...

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Apparatus for controlling the electrical functions in a plurality of different locations of a vehicle comprises a plurality of electrical control units connected to a data bus (23) and distributed throughout the vehicle. All control units are identical and all are programmed to carry out all the ele ...

By-pass gas turbine engines. Rolls-Royce, September 3, 1980: GB2041090-A (114 worldwide citation)

In a by-pass gas turbine engine operating on an unmixed cycle a core engine 10 drives a fan 12 to produce a by-pass flow in a by-pass duct 16, and a heat exchanger in the form of interconnected vanes 24, 26 spans both the by-pass duct 16 and the jet pipe 20 of the core engine, so that waste heat fro ...

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A turbofan gas turbine engine comprising in axial flow series a fan, a booster compressor and a core engine is provided with a diffuser. The diffuser is positioned axially between the booster compressor and the compressor of the core engine to efficiently diffuse the air from the fan to the compress ...

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A mounting for connecting a turbofan gas turbine engine to an aircraft structure comprises three mounting points at the vertices of a triangle on the aircraft structure and three mounting points on the fan casing of the turbofan gas turbine engine. The first mounting point on the aircraft structure ...

Patrick E Kniveton, John H Brown: Display sign and an optical element for use in the same. Rolls Royce Power Engineering, W Warren Farkas & Manelli PLLC Taltavull, August 17, 1999: US05939996 (102 worldwide citation)

An optical element is fitted to a high intensity light emitting diode used in a variable message sign. The optical element has surfaces which redirect any stray light from the light emitting diode to form useful light. The faces of the optical element are angled to shape the light beam emitted there ...

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A hydrocarbon fuelled fuel cell power system comprises a fuel cell stack, a reformer and a hydrogen store. The reformer is arranged periodically to supply reformate, which contains hydrogen, to the fuel cell stack and to the hydrogen store. The hydrogen store is arranged to store the hydrogen from t ...

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A ducted fan gas turbine engine comprises a pair of turbines in flow series which are contra-rotating and which drive shafts which in turn drive into an epicyclic gear. The output from the epicyclic gear drives a fan which normally provides forward thrust from the engine. The fan can be made to rota ...

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A multispool gas turbine engine for an aircraft application includes a transmission system which is operative to transfer power between relatively rotatable engine spools. In a first mode the transmission system is operative to transfer power from the engine's low pressure spool to its high pressure ...