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A process for producing thin, anisotropic layers composed of liquid crystalline substances, the liquid crystalline substances being applied in a thin layer to one side of a support having a surface prestructured in such a way that the structure is given a preferred direction which determines orienta ...

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For producing a multi-extrudate of thermoplastically processable plastic, a coextrusion adapter block has a multi-part slide having a plurality of side-by-side slide sections mutually spaced in a direction transverse to the flow direction and slidably fitted in the adapter block for movement to adju ...

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Transparent, thermoplastically processable polymer blends of (A) polycarbonates, especially Bisphenol A polycarbonates, and (B) methyacrylate copolymers are disclosed. They are prepared from 95 to 5 wt. % methyl methacrylate and 5 to 95 wt. % methacrylic esters and optionally 0 to 30 wt. % especiall ...

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A water-soluble salt of a copolymer containing a monoethylenically unsaturated monomer containing amino groups that can be radically polymerized and at least one alkyl ester of acrylic and/or methacrylic acid, is used as a flexible pressure-sensitive adhesive for application to the skin.

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A process is disclosed for enzymatically degumming vegetable oil where the vegetable oil to be degummed is adjusted to a pH from 3 to 6 and is mixed with an aqueous enzyme solution, which contains one of the enzymes phospholipase A1, A2 or B. In a degumming reactor the enzymes are permitted to act o ...

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Multilayered plastic objects are prepared having a core layer of an aromatic polycarbonate in contact with a polymethacrylate film containing a UV absorber. The polymethacrylate film comprises a copolymer of methylmethacrylate and an acrylic or methacrylic ester, (meth)acrylamide, maleimide or mixtu ...


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The invention concerns a process for reversible optical information storage by means of a liquid crystal storage medium, whereby the information is stored in a firm of a liquid crystal side chain polymer in an anisotropic phase by means of locally acting heat source in combination with an electric, ...

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A method of manufacturing polysuccinimides with molecular weights in the range 100,000 to about 200,000 by polycondensation of aspartic acid, with phosphoric acids as condensation agents, in at least two process stages, at temperatures of 100.degree.-250.degree. C. and under reduced pressure, where ...

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A device for reversible optical data storage, comprising polymer film, the film comprising an amorphous polymer capable of photochromic isomerization, whereby data is reversibly stored in said polymer film and may be read by illuminating the isomerized polymer film with a light source.