David Mosley Charles Szmanda
Kevin Calzia, David W Mosley, Charles R Szmanda, David L Thorsen: Selenium/group 1b ink and methods of making and using same. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials, Thomas S Deibert, November 13, 2012: US08309179

A selenium/Group 1b ink comprising, as initial components: a selenium component comprising selenium, an organic chalcogenide component having a formula selected from RZ—Z′R′ and R2—SH, a Group 1b component and a liquid carrier; wherein Z and Z′ are each independently selected from sulfur, selenium a ...

David Sherrer
Matthew L Moynihan, Bruno M Sicard, Carl J Colangelo, John P Cahalen, Brian D Amos, Kevin S Horgan, John J Fisher, David W Sherrer: Optical interface assembly and method of formation. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials, Jonathan D Baskin, November 6, 2007: US07292756 (13 worldwide citation)

Optical interface assemblies are provided. The optical interface assemblies include a first portion having a plurality of optical waveguides. The first portion is configured for mating engagement with an optical fiber connector. A second portion is mated to the first portion. The second portion is c ...

Young Bae
Young Cheol Bae, Rosemary Bell, Jong Keun Park, Seung Hyun Lee: Photolithographic methods. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials, Jonathan D Baskin, April 15, 2014: US08697338 (5 worldwide citation)

Provided are photoresist overcoat compositions, substrates coated with the overcoat compositions and methods of forming electronic devices by a negative tone development process. The compositions, coated substrates and methods find particular applicability in the manufacture of semiconductor devices ...

Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Deodatta Vinayak Shenai Khatkhate, Qing Min Wang: Organometallic compounds. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials, S Matthew Cairns, May 12, 2009: US07531458 (2 worldwide citation)

Organometallic compounds containing an electron donating group-substituted alkenyl ligand are provided. Such compounds are particularly suitable for use as vapor deposition precursors. Also provided are methods of depositing thin films, such as by ALD and CVD, using such compounds.

David Sherrer
William K Hogen, Carl E Gaebe, James W Getz, David W Sherrer: Optical assemblies and their methods of formation. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials, Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, October 9, 2008: US20080247712-A1

Provided are electronic device packages and their methods of formation. The electronic device packages include an electronic device mounted on a substrate, a conductive via and a locally thinned region in the substrate. The invention finds application, for example, in the electronics industry for he ...

Young Bae
Young Cheol Bae, Thomas Cardolaccia, Yi Liu: Self-aligned spacer multiple patterning methods. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials, Jonathan D Baskin, Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, December 30, 2010: US20100330498-A1

Self-aligned spacer multiple patterning method are provided. The methods involve alkaline treatment of photoresist patterns and allow for the formation of high density resist patterns. The methods find particular applicability in semiconductor device manufacture.

Vaishali Raghu Vohra, James W Thackeray, Gerald B Wayton: Coating compositions for use with an overcoated photoresist. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials, Peter F Corless, Darryl P Frickey, Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge, April 5, 2011: US07919222 (20 worldwide citation)

Underlying coating compositions are provided for use with an overcoated photoresist composition. In one aspect, the coating composition can be crosslinked and comprise one or more components that contain one or more acid-labile groups and/or one or more base-reactive groups that are reactive followi ...

Junwon Lee: Turning film using array of roof prism structures. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials, Edwin Oh, August 17, 2010: US07775700 (13 worldwide citation)

The invention generally relates to an optical turning film for providing light redirection, comprising: (a) an input surface for accepting incident light comprising a plurality of roof prism structures arranged in a two-dimensional array; and, (b) a substantially planar output surface.

Zuhra I Niazimbetova, Maria Anna Rzeznik: Plating bath and method. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials, S Matthew Cairns, June 4, 2013: US08454815 (11 worldwide citation)

Copper plating baths containing a leveling agent that is a reaction product of one or more of certain pyridine compounds with one or more epoxide-containing compounds, that deposit copper on the surface of a conductive layer are provided. Such plating baths deposit a copper layer that is substantial ...

David B James, John V H Roberts: Method for forming a porous reaction injection molded chemical mechanical polishing pad. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials CMP Holdings, Edwin Oh, Thomas S Deibert, July 15, 2008: US07399437 (10 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method of forming a chemical mechanical polishing pad comprising, providing a tank with polymeric materials, providing a storage silo with microspheres and providing an isocyanate storage tank with isocyanates. The invention further provides delivering the polymeric ...

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