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A connector arrangement for providing electrical interconnection between coresponding contact pads of opposed first and second circuit boards includes an electrically nonconductive support member disposed between the boards, a bodily-rotatable, electrically conductive interconnect element extending ...

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An interconnect or circuit device having coplanar contact bumps, and the method of manufacture thereof are presented. The coplanar contact bumps are formed against a flat reference surface whereby the resulting bumps have coplanar means.

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A tactile or snap action membrane keyboard is presented wherein the tactile or snap action key elements are protrusions in a membrane sheet, the protrusions being asymmetrical to preprogram the collapse of the tactile element.

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Methods of fabricating multilayer circuits are presented. In accordance with the present invention, a plurality of circuit layers comprised of a dielectric substrate having a circuit formed thereon are stacked, one on top of the other. The dielectric substrate is composed of a polymeric material cap ...

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A decoupling scheme is presented which is well suited for use with any type of integrated circuit package. In accordance with the present invention, a flat decoupling capacitor is attached directly to the top of an IC die and is electrically connected to the IC by means of raised conductive bumps pr ...

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Connector and processes for preparing same for demateably interconnecting arrays of contact pads. The connector has a preformed elastomeric sheet-form member provided with a series of apertures through each of which an electrically conductive plated metal deposit extends. An integral end of the depo ...

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A method of ablating fluoropolymer composite materials is presented wherein it has been found that small holes (less than 100 .mu.m) can be formed in fluoropolymer composite laminate materials using UV lasers. The resulting holes can be used to produce vias and plated through-holes having smooth sid ...

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A tactile snap-action element for use in keyboards, the element comprising an arcuately shaped invertible first dome and a second dome shaped actuating protrusion extending from the invertible second dome, the actuating dome protrusion being integral with the invertible dome and being non-invertible ...

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An electrical connector is presented for effecting a non-wiping pressure mated connection between at least a pair of flexible circuits and another circuit device in a compact package with allowance for very tight tolerances on pad width and spacing.

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A molded integrated circuit package includes an integrated circuit chip, a heat sink device attached directly to the chip or lead frame and a molded package encapsulating the chip. The heat sink preferably comprises a thermally conductive material having a stem which communicates between the IC chip ...