Hirak Chanda
Kenta Mineo, Hirak Chanda: Electronic stability control system indicator. Robert Bosch, Michael Best & Friedrich, March 10, 2015: US08977430 (1 worldwide citation)

An electronic stability control indication system including a bar-graph-type display, a processor, and a memory. The memory stores instructions that, when executed by the processor, control the operation of the electronic stability control indication system. The system receives a first signal from a ...

Hirak Chanda
Hirak Chanda, Marcin Kowalewski: Banked curve detection using vertical and lateral acceleration. Robert Bosch, Michael Best & Friedrich, October 27, 2015: US09168950 (1 worldwide citation)

A banked curve detection system determines the presence of a vehicle on a banked curve by sensing a vertical acceleration and a lateral acceleration of a vehicle. A banked curve is determined when the vertical acceleration and lateral acceleration are each greater than previously sensed vertical and ...

Matthias Bauer
Rolf Kohler, Matthias Kottmann, Matthias Bauer: Method and device for monitoring the direction of rotation of a piston engine. Robert Bosch, Kenyon & Kenyon, December 13, 2005: US06975935 (21 worldwide citation)

A method and device for detecting the rotation direction of a piston engine, internal combustion engine or piston compressor. The piston engine includes at least one cylinder, a piston movable back and forth in the cylinder, a cylinder chamber formed inside the cylinder which is delimited by an inne ...

H Eckhard Kr u ger, Bernd Freienstein, Thomas Sch a fer: Television viewing center system. Robert Bosch, Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward, December 11, 1984: US04488179 (572 worldwide citation)

At least two television reception tuners are used in a viewing center system, one for the television signals and the other for supplementary information transmitted during the blanking intervals and separated in the reception center by a data separation stage. A programmable control stage including ...

Franz Laermer, Andrea Schilp: Method of anisotropically etching silicon. Robert Bosch, Spencer & Frank, March 26, 1996: US05501893 (469 worldwide citation)

A method of anisotropic plasma etching of silicon to provide laterally defined recess structures therein through an etching mask employing a plasma, the method including anisotropic plasma etching in an etching step a surface of the silicon by contact with a reactive etching gas to removed material ...

Walter Barth, Rudolf Fuchs, Frank Langenfelder, David M Martinez: Electric hand tool, in particular drill. Robert Bosch, Michael J Striker, July 9, 1996: US05533581 (301 worldwide citation)

In an electric hand tool, particularly a drill, with a housing, an electric motor which is received in the housing and has a motor shaft parallel to the housing axis, and with a work spindle which is driven by the electric motor via a transmission gearing, the housing is divided along a dividing pla ...

Dieter Hahn, Gottfried Flik, Bernd Schumann: Device for gas-sensoring electrodes. Robert Bosch, Kenyon & Kenyon, December 4, 2001: US06325979 (228 worldwide citation)

A sensing element, in particular for an electrochemical sensor for determining gas concentrations, having at least one three-dimensional electrode arrangement, applied on a support plate and forming trenches of a depth for measuring changes in capacitance and/or conductivity in a gas-sensitive layer ...

Heinz Kretschmer, Christian Lietar, Gerhard Lindae, Richard Loewe, Jean Francois Longchamp, Rainer Neumann, Eckhard Noelte, Peter Perthus: Headlight arrangement for vehicles. Robert Bosch, Michael J Striker, August 30, 1988: US04768135 (225 worldwide citation)

A headlight arrangement for vehicles, particularly for power vehicles, comprises a light source with a light reflector forming a light beam which illuminates a roadway with a predetermined light distribution, and at least one adjustable element for changing the light distribution.

Hans Peter Trah: Thermal micropump with values formed from silicon plates. Robert Bosch, Kenyon & Kenyon, December 27, 1994: US05375979 (209 worldwide citation)

In a micropump having a working chamber (1), an intake valve (2), and a discharge valve (3), the valves (2,3) are etched out of silicon wafers (4,5). The gas in the working chamber (1) is heated by a heating element (6), so that an overpressure is produced in the working chamber. A partial vacuum is ...

Jens Weber, Juergen Hoetzel, Ega Tschiskale, Andreas Fehrenbach: Device and method for parking motor vehicle. Robert Bosch, Michael J Striker, May 9, 2000: US06061002 (197 worldwide citation)

A parking device for a motor vehicle has a movement sensor, at least one distance sensor, a control unit, a unit for outputting driving directions, the control unit calculating circular segments for a possible drive path of the motor vehicle in parking space, so that the a unit for outputting drivin ...