Eisuke Yoshii, Hiroshi Kawase: Method and apparatus for root canal irrigation. Ricoh Watch, Koda and Androlia, January 27, 1981: US04247288 (25 worldwide citation)

A root canal irrigation means for treating decayed teeth including a liquid vessel filled with water, antiseptic solution or some other kind of liquid, a pumping means for pumping the liquid from the liquid vessel under pressure, and a discharge needle shaped like an injection needle coupled to the ...

Hiroshi Inoue: Sealing agent for plastic liquid crystal display panels. Ricoh Watch, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, April 20, 1982: US04325610 (22 worldwide citation)

A sealing agent for plastic liquid crystal display panels which comprises the following three effective components:

Kawase Hiroshi: Method and apparatus for beauty and therapeutic treatment. Ricoh Watch, October 7, 1975: US3910266 (13 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for beauty and therapeutic treatment of skin or mucous membrane in which suitably selected medical liquid is supplied from a tank and spouted from a nozzle onto the surface of the skin or mucous membrane to be treated. The nozzle is provided with a cover made of a resilient ma ...

Kenji Kamiya: Linearizer circuit and an electronic watch incorporating same. Ricoh Watch, August 7, 1984: US04464061 (12 worldwide citation)

A linearizer circuit comprises a frequency mixer which mixes a first frequency varying in accordance with a change in a parameter and a second frequency from a reference oscillator which has no dependence upon any parameter at a given proportion, and a derivation circuit for producing an output puls ...

Kenichi Muranishi: Device of preventing reverse transmission of motion in a gear train. Ricoh Watch, Koda and Androlia, August 22, 1978: US04108016 (11 worldwide citation)

A device for preventing reverse transmission of motion in a gear train including a drive and driven gear that are enmeshed together in a train of gears. The drive and driven gears are configured such that the rotative motion is transmitted from the drive gear to the driven gear but not from the driv ...

Ritsu Katsuoka: Keyboard input coding device and musical note displaying device. Ricoh Watch, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, October 16, 1984: US04476767 (11 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a keyboard input coding device comprising a counter for counting ON and OFF duration of signals obtained by pushing a keyboard, an encoder for producing codes of musical interval corresponding to keys of the keyboard, a note-length discriminating circuit for taking count va ...

Nobuo Tohyama, Junichi Yoshida, Shozo Yamano, Kenji Kamiya: Electronic watch with an automatic time indication modifier. Ricoh Watch, November 9, 1982: US04358836 (10 worldwide citation)

An electronic watch including a watch circuit and display is provided which additionally includes an automatic time indication modifier. The modifier comprises a receiver, a filter for passing only that component of the signal from the receiver which has the same frequency as a time announcement sig ...

Calendar watches. Ricoh Watch, September 17, 1975: GB1406718-A (8 worldwide citation)

1406718 Calendar watches RICOH WATCH CO Ltd 28 Sept 1972 [29 Sept 1971] 44766/72 Heading G3T A calendar watch has an annular dial 11 bearing the days of the week and surrounding a dial 5 which bears date numerals 1 to 31 adjacent to each of which is a respective hole 16, through one of which can be ...

Fujiki Yu, Tsubaki Hiroshi: Device for automatically actuating a gas discharge valve or the like. Ricoh Watch, March 21, 1972: US3650328 (7 worldwide citation)

Actuating means for actuating a discharge valve of a gas tank or the like is normally held in a stationary valve deactuated position by detent means. The detent means is normally held in a retaining position by a fusible metal link. When the link is fused, by an environmental temperature rise, the d ...

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A printing hammer assembly for use in impact printers includes a printing hammer which has an impact surface and an armature and which is supported to be movable in a reciprocating manner along its longitudinal axis, a driving solenoid which drives to move the printing hammer forward when energized ...