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A high efficiency power converter comprises a boost converter for converting an input voltage to a first voltage on a first output, a buck converter for converting the input voltage to a second voltage on a second output, a linear regulator for converting the first voltage to a third voltage on the ...

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A wireless power receiver includes a power receiving circuit wirelessly receiving power transmitted from a wireless power transmitter so as to generate an induced current, and a rectifying-and-modulating circuit including first to eighth switches and a control unit. The control unit is operable to c ...

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A dual-input power converter comprises two power stages using a common low-side element, a first input for coupling a first input voltage to the first power stage, a second input for coupling a second input voltage to the second power stage, and a controller for driving the first and second power st ...

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A frequency jittering circuit modulates a hysteretic band of an oscillator such that the clock generated by the oscillator has a jitter frequency, and thus a switching mode power supply operative on the clock will have a jittering switching frequency.

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To balance the current of individual channel as well as regulate the output voltage for a multi-phase DC-to-DC buck converter, the converter output voltage is sensed and compared with a reference signal to produce a first error signal serving as first control signal for PWM signals of the converter ...

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A circuit and method for soft start of a system compare a feedback signal produced from an output voltage of the system with a ramp signal to generate a comparison signal, and enables the system once the comparison signal indicating the ramp signal reaches the feedback signal, such that the output v ...

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A fixed-frequency current mode converter comprises a power stage to produce an inductor current and an output voltage, an error amplifier to generate an error signal from the difference between the output voltage and a reference voltage varied with the inductor current, a comparator to compare the e ...

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A control circuit and method for a ripple regulator system generate a ripple signal in-phase and synchronous with an inductor current of the ripple regulator system, and extract a ripple information proportional to the amplitude of the ripple signal. The ripple signal is used for triggering control ...

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A two-step ripple-free multi-phase buck converter and method thereof comprises a first-stage voltage regulator to convert an input voltage to an intermediate voltage and a second-stage voltage regulator with a phase number not less than two to further convert the intermediate voltage to an output vo ...

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A multi-phase power converter with constant on-time control includes a plurality of channels to convert an input voltage into an output voltage, and each of the channels is driven by a control signal. When all channel currents of the channels are balanced, each of the control signals remains a const ...