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Modified lipopolysaccharides, particularly de-3-0-acylated monophosphoryl lipid A and de-3-0-acylated diphosphoryl lipid A, are provided by an alkaline hydrolysis under controlled conditions which removes only the .beta.-hydroxymyristic acyl residue that is ester-linked to the reducing-end glucosami ...


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Aminoalkyl glucosamine phosphate compounds that are adjuvants and immunoeffectors are described and claimed. The compounds have a 2-deoxy-2-amino glucose in glycosidic linkage with an aminoalkyl (aglycon) group. Compounds are phosphorylated at the 4 or 6 carbon on the glucosamine ring and comprise t ...

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Vaccines are provided which are composed of (a) non-toxic and highly effective adjuvants obtained from microbial sources, together with (b) tumor antigens. A wide variety of antigens can be employed in the vaccines and include, antigens obtained from tumors or cultures of tumor cells, such as ovaria ...

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A refined detoxified endotoxin (RDE) product is disclosed which, when combined with cell wall skeleton (CWS), results in a composition useful for the treatment of cancerous tumors. Methods of making RDE as well as methods of using the combination of RDE and CWS are also disclosed.

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A method is provided for producing an effective adjuvant response or stimulating the immune response of a warm blooded animal which comprises administering to said warm blooded animal an effective amount of a composition comprising refined detoxified endotoxin in combination with a pharmaceutically ...

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Novel derivatives of monophosphoryl lipid A and a process for their preparation are provided. The derivatives contain one or more free groups, such as an amine, on a side chain attached to the primary hydroxyl groups of the monophosphoryl lipid A nucleus through an ester group. The derivatives provi ...

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An immunological adjuvant is provided which enhances the immune response against antigens, and accordingly is useful in vaccines. The adjuvant system is comprised of (1) a lipid emulsion system containing a metabolizable oil, a low molecular weight polyol and lecithin and (2) at least one refined de ...

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An adjuvant composition which is a stable oil-in-water emulsion comprising a metabolizable oil, one or more surfactants, an antioxidant and a compound to make the emulsion isotonic is described and claimed. The stable emulsion has a hydrophobic-lipophilic balance (HLB) of from about 7.5 to about 10. ...

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An immunological adjuvant for polysaccharide vaccines is provided whereby polysaccharide antigens are rendered more immunogenic and thus stimulate more antibody production including an IgG response and immunological memory. The adjuvant is comprised of (1) either (A) an emulsion system containing a ...