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Process for the treatment of a material comprising a polymer, especially a polyamide. The process consists in subjecting the polyamide to hydrolysis in the presence of a hydrolyzing nitrous grouping and transforming the hydrolyzed compounds into diacids. The treatment of a polyamide 6.6 results in t ...

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Hydrosoluble/hydrodispersible polyester copolycondensates, well suited for the sizing of textile threads, comprise terephthalate, isophthalate, sulfoaryl dicarboxylate, ethylene glycol and polyoxyethylene glycol recurring structural units, have a glass transition temperature ranging from 15.degree. ...

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Physically/mechanically improved insulating shaped articles such as panels or plates, adapted to withstand very elevated temperatures, comprise an inorganic fiber matrix, e.g., a matrix of ceramic fibers, such inorganic fiber matrix containing at least one inorganic filler material, e.g., a mineral ...

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Rigid, dimensionally stable, essentially circular and planar, axially injection-molded disc members, well adapted as support substrates for radiation sensitive layers for optical discs, e.g., laser discs, comprise radially molecularly oriented thermotropic polymers and such disc members have a radia ...

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A precipitated silica having improved morphological characteristics and a process for making precipitated silica. In the precipitated silica of the present invention, the ratio of DBP oil index/CTAB specific surface area is between:

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Dibasic aluminium salts of acylated amino acids having the formula ##STR1## (R.dbd.C.sub.5 --C.sub.10 hydrocarbon, R' is the main chain of the illustrated .alpha.-amino-acid) have antisudoral properties. R' may be such that the .alpha.-aminoacid is singular, e.g. lysine, glycine or aspartic acid, or ...

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A process for the preparation of aldehydes by hydrogen reduction of carboxylic acids, esters or anhydrides, characterized in that the reduction conducted in the vapor phase, in the presence of a bimetallic catalyst of the ruthenium/tin type.

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Storage-stable, pseudoplastic free-flowing cosmetic compositions/formulations, for example shampoos, shower and exfoliating gels and hair lotions, comprise a stable and homogeneous suspension, in water, of water-insoluble particulates, and which further comprise at least one anionic surfactant, at l ...

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Cationically crosslinkable polyorganosiloxane compositions, well suited for providing antiadhesive coatings on a wide variety of shaped substrates via the photochemical/electron beam crosslinking thereof, include a catalytically effective amount of an onium borate of an element of Groups 15 to 17 of ...

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Magnetizable composite microspheres approximately from 0.05 to 10 .mu.m in diameter, comprising a core of magnetizable particles and a shell of a hydrophobic crosslinked copolymer formed from a vinylaromatic monomer and a crosslinking emulsifying polymer. The microspheres are obtained by the pre-emu ...