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Methods and apparatus for determining the occurrence of an apnea, patency and/or partial obstruction of the airway are disclosed. Respiratory air flow from a patient is measured to give an air flow signal. The determination of an apnea is performed by calculating the variance of the air flow signal ...

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A nasal cushion (30) comprises a substantially triangularly shaped frame (32) from which extends a membrane (34). The frame (32) has a scalloped edge (36) by which the cushion (30) is affixed to a mask body. The membrane (34) has an aperture (38) into which the wearer's nose is received. The membran ...

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An adjustable forehead support for a nasal mask. The present invention discloses an adjustable forehead support for a nasal or full-face mask wherein the forehead support may be adjusted for the different shapes and sizes of a facial profile. The forehead support utilizes a dual-arm system which adj ...

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A forehead support is adapted to be secured to a respiratory mask. The forehead support includes a joining member for securing to the mask and a cushion frame pivotally mounted to the joining member. The cushion frame is adapted to located one or more forehead cushions. The cushion frame is also sel ...

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A connector arrangement joining a respirator mask and headgear is adapted for single-handed disengagement by the patient, A first, rigid connector part

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A connector includes a mask end for connecting with the interior of a respiratory mask, a supply conduit end, and a gas washout vent passage having an inlet adjacent to, or forming part of, the mask end in fluid communication with the interior of the respiratory mask and an outlet in fluid communica ...