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The present disclosure relates generally to the management of privileges associated with certain applications that are accessible by users of electronic equipment, such as, for example, networked computers, mobile wireless communications devices, and the like. In particular, the disclosure is direct ...

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A power management system and method for a wireless communication device generates an average desired transmit power signal based on at least one of a received signal strength indicator signal and a power control instruction signal from a base station. A power supply level adjustment signal is gener ...

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A system and method for providing simulated spatial sound in group voice communication sessions on a wireless communication device is provided. The wireless communication device is one of two or more in the system which are operatively connected to a wireless communications network. The wireless com ...


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Voicemail notification messaging for mobile communication devices is disclosed. Voicemail notification messages corresponding to voicemail messages are received through a wireless receiver of the mobile device and voicemail message header lines corresponding to them are displayed in a message list. ...

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A hand-held electronic device is provided having a keyboard optimized for use with the thumbs and an inclined thumbwheel for auxiliary data entry and selection. The keyboard preferably includes a plurality of non-uniform shaped keys, such as oblong, oval or rectangular keys, which are organized into ...

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A mobile communications device (116) comprises a wireless resource usage module (216) operable to assist the user of the mobile communications device (116) and/or his or her employer in monitoring and/or controlling the level of resources consumed by the user in a billing period.