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A flow-through or fluid coupling connector assembly possessing positive locking connect and ready disconnect comprising two connector bodies; one having a male tubular member, and the other having a female tubular member for receiving the male member upon connection of the two bodies together. The m ...

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An implant device for peritoneal dialysis which permits a flexible catheter to be removed and replaced without invasive surgery. The catheter is passed through a substantially rigid tubular percutaneous device and a flexible sleeve member which together form a continuous conduit from the body exteri ...

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An implantable device for providing communication between interior structures of the body and the exterior of the body, the device comprising a rigid tubular member of biologically compatible material including a transcutaneous stem portion defining a stem cavity therein and a plurality of subcutane ...

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A system for use in peritoneal dialysis consisting of a rigid tubular implantable device, a stabilizing tool and an access set. The implantable device includes a centrally positioned, outwardly projecting cannula spike whose side openings are normally closed by a resilient sleeve member. A stabilizi ...

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An implantable blood access device has a matte titanium finish on the exterior subcutaneous surfaces thereof providing sites for tissue ingrowth. A preferred finish is a coating of porous titanium which may be manufactured by fusing titanium powder to the device.

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A dialyzer reuse machine comprising means for passing a series of liquid and gaseous fluids through the dialysate and blood compartments of the dialyzer at different flow rates according to a predetermined sequence for cleaning and disinfecting the dialyzer and means for accurately measuring the vol ...

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An ultrasonic air and blood foam detector for use in medical procedures involving extracorporeal handling of blood. A sensor assembly is adapted for positioning about a blood drip chamber and contains ultrasonic transducer means. The blood tube downstream from the drip chamber is preferably placed t ...

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A proportioning system for preparing hemodialysis or hemofiltration solutions. The apparatus of the system is a specially plumbed tank containing a flexible plastic container which holds solution concentrate. Introduction of pressurized water into the tank outside the bag discharges concentrate and ...

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A system and process for preparation of dialysis concentrate solution from dry chemicals and water. The source of hemodialysis chemicals for a batch is a drum selectively filled with dry chemicals such that an inner core region therewithin is loaded with chemicals which slurry and dissolve the least ...

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A T-shaped blood access device which is adapted for implantation into a patient and which has its stem portion extending outwardly above the skin of the patient. An elastomeric septum is positioned in sealing relationship in the stem adjacent the junction with the main conduit portion. The septum is ...