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Lightweight insulating boards in accordance with the present invention comprise Portland cement, fibers and fillers including:

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A material of the board type for various thermal shielding applications preferably contains 10 to 50% by weight of a mineral substance based on silica or silicates in fibrous form prepared from the fused substance, 10 to 70% by weight of clay, if necessary 10 to 60% by weight of a mineral having a n ...

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1. A mixture of polyacrilnitrile and polyvinylalcohol fibres as reinforcing fibres for materials setting after the molding thereof, specifically for hydraulically setting materials, characterized in that said mixture of fibres comprises 50-90% polyacrilnitrile fibres and 50-10% polyvinylalcohol fibr ...

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Immobilized enzymes covalently bound to an inorganic carrier by an amino group through a bifunctional spacer have improved properties when the carrier is formed of amorphous, approximately spherical silica particles obtained from synthetic calcium silicate. The silica particles have an average parti ...

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A device for slicing tomatoes and other soft food objects has a hollow triangular enclosure frame with three vertical sides disposed about an open interior into which tomatoes are inserted. The longest vertical side or hypotenuse side of the vertical frame enclosure carries a tensioned rack of paral ...

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The shaped article of hydraulic binder contains, as reinforcing fibres, birch pulp fibres alone or together with other fibre materials and, if appropriate, fillers. The shaped article is especially suitable as a building component, for example as a building panel, and shows particularly good materia ...

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A pneumatically operated mechanism for feeding envelopes or other similar stacked articles from a stacked position into a second position where stamping, gluing or the like may be performed. The feed mechanism includes a pneumatic cylinder having a fixed piston rod and a movable cylinder driven by a ...

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Colored cement bonded panels comprising a dried conventional coating made of one or more layers whereby at least one layer of the conventional coating contains at least one pigment, and a radiation cured coating composition applied on said dried conventional coating. The conventional coating compris ...

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Disclosed are micronized synthetic calcium silicates in the form of fluffy particles of needle-like calcium silicate crystals having a particle size of about 0.5 to 50 microns and an average particle size d.sub.50 of from 5 to 25 microns, and preferably of from 7 to 15 microns, obtainable from micro ...

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A process is proposed for the treatment of cellulosic fibres, in particular cellulose pulp, in an aqueous suspension with finely dispersed, preferably condensed silica, which is above all characterised in that the cellulosic fibres are suspended in an alkaline solution, silica is added and, after di ...