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Automated processing of bank checks encoded with alphanumeric characters on the face of each check by transporting said checks as a serial constant velocity train through a processor to a sorter while at a first station generating an item control number unique to each document and at a second statio ...

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A liquid drop emitter utilizing acoustical principles ejects liquid from a body of liquid onto a moving document to form characters or bar codes thereon.

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A line image or a line signature is optically scanned to generate digital signals for storage in an image matrix. These digital signals represent black and white cells defining the line signature or line image and are initially processed by tracing the image boundary. During the tracing a "thinning" ...

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The system described herein provides a capability for automatically processing documents such as bank checks, deposit slips, loan payments, etc., from all points within a banking organization, with exception of the point of receipt, based on the utilization of a Source Item Control Number (SICN), wh ...