Bonett Heather Elizabeth: Bleaching process and composition. Reckitt & Colmann Prod, November 19, 1997: EP0807156-A1 (72 worldwide citation)

A process for bleaching and/or providing limescale removal at a surface, comprising applying to that surface an aqueous composition of hydrogen peroxide or an organic peracid, characterised in that the pH of the composition is 2 or less. A preferred composition comprises H 2 O 2 and HCl, these being ...

Hansraj Bashir Ramzanali: Sustained release compositions.. Reckitt & Colmann Prod, September 9, 1992: EP0502642-A1 (70 worldwide citation)

Sustained release compositions comprising cores including a pharmacologically active ingredient and having a diameter not greater than 5 mm, which cores are coated with a mixture comprising a) as a film forming agent at least one poly (ethyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, trimethylammonioethyl metha ...

Lewis John William: Pharmaceutical compositions.. Reckitt & Colmann Prod, June 7, 1989: EP0319243-A1 (59 worldwide citation)

A pharmaceutical composition in sublingual unit dosage form for maintenance treatment of opiate addicts comprising from 2 to 8mg buprenorphine and an amount of naltrexone sufficient to substantially attenuate the euphorigenic effect of the buprenorphine when injected and to provide greater opiate bl ...

Dettmar Peter William, Gibson Stewart Alexander Willi: Cholesterol-lowering agents. Reckitt & Colmann Prod, March 24, 1999: GB2329334-A (37 worldwide citation)

A composition comprising a) a HMG CoA reductase inhibitor, and b) a bile complexing agent. for the reduction of cholesterol in plasma. The inhibitor is preferably a station or fibrate. The complexing agent is preferably fibrous and selected from biopolymers and starches. Exemplifield are composition ...


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Hair or body shampoo compositions having an upper aqueous layer and a lower aqueous layer which are temporarily dispersible one in the other upon agitation of the composition and wherein each layer is miscible with water in substantially all proportions. The upper layer has dissolved therein at leas ...


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Mucoadhesive granules comprising a) carbomer and/or a salt thereof; and b) an inert filler. The granules preferably further comprise a pharmaceutically active agent suitable for sustained release into the gastrointestinal tract of for targeted delivery ot the gastrointestinal mucosa.