John R Radek: Slotted wall merchandise display panel. Ready Metal Manufacturing Company, Samuel Lebowitz, August 26, 1986: US04607753 (127 worldwide citation)

Support Panel for cantilever hangers or the like for use especially in a retail store for display of small items of merchandise. Display equipment of this general character has been known and used in self-service stores, where a customer selects an item from an open display on cantilever arms detach ...

John R Radek: Merchandise hanger for slotted wall display panel. Ready Metal Manufacturing Company, Samuel Lebowitz, George F Dvorak, July 7, 1987: US04678151 (82 worldwide citation)

A hanger support for small articles of merchandise, which support is adapted for detachable mounting at any point along the length of a slat forming a component of a slotted wall merchandise display panel having horizontal grooves between adjacent slats. The support assembly is formed by a main plat ...

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A magnetic door opener device adapted to be positioned below a countertop made of non-magnetic materials, the device having a pair of magnets which attractively interact with a pair of magnets attached to the bottoms of a pair of windows which are suspended on a trolley for movement to or fro to det ...

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An assembly for supporting load carrying pallets which is collapsible and storable when not in use and which includes a rigid base member for holding a pallet and removable upright members which engage one base member and support another base member.

John R Radek: Free standing wall. Ready Metal Manufacturing Company, Frank H Marks, January 29, 1980: US04185422 (36 worldwide citation)

A wall structure for merchandise display in a retail store or the like that stands free of attachment to any fixed element of the building such as floor, ceiling or wall. The wall of the invention may be set up in a variety of forms such as rectangular, zigzag, linear, polygonal, etc., and comprises ...

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A bulk goods dispenser having a bin for holding the bulk goods which can be removed by a manipulator mounted in a dispensing unit communicating with the interior of the bin, the removed bulk goods being temporarily collected in a chute prior to being dispensed by a trap door into a bag which is atta ...

John R Radek: Tandem merchandise display equipment. Ready Metal Manufacturing Company, Frank H Marks, June 6, 1978: US04093078 (24 worldwide citation)

Equipment for housing and displaying, in a retail establishment, merchandise disposed on tables, drawers, cabinets, shelving, etc. The present invention represents an improvement over that disclosed and claimed in my U.S. Pat. No. 3,297,374, dated Jan. 10, 1967, and is particularly concerned with a ...

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An automatically actuated door arrangement is provided. The arrangement includes a plurality of slidable doors which are opened and closed by an electric motor/cable arrangement. Open and close switches control the opening and closing of the doors. A sensor device provides the open doors/close doors ...

John R Radek: Bicycle rack. Ready Metal Manufacturing Company, Frank H Marks, September 13, 1977: US04047614 (17 worldwide citation)

A bicycle rack comprising one or more standard wheel-retaining modules arranged in multiples of any desired number and configuration on a suitable support, e.g., radial or horizontal, so as to provide maximum bicycle parking facility for a given outdoor or indoor area. The module is of simple, inexp ...

John R Radek: Napkin dispenser. Ready Metal Manufacturing Company, Frank H Marks, August 10, 1982: US04343415 (15 worldwide citation)

A napkin dispenser designed primarily for disposition on a restaurant table or counter and normally housing a stack of paper napkins. The dispenser is in the form of a parallelopiped with a top access opening for loading and removing napkins. The opening is generally rectangular or may taper slightl ...