Heinrich Lysen: Method of mutually aligning bodies and position-measuring sensor therefor. Pruftechnik Dieter Busch, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, February 27, 2001: US06195615 (110 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a method of mutually aligning bodies, in particular for the parallel alignment of shafts, rollers and the like, which can be carried out economically and simply in a substantially shorter time than the known methods used for this purpose. The essence of the invention is the us ...

Christian Albrecht: Orientation measuring device. Pruftechnik Dieter Busch, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, March 12, 2002: US06354011 (110 worldwide citation)

An orientation measuring device with a plurality of precision tooled grooves, indentations or the like. Two precision tooled adaptor bodies, preferably of cylindrical shape, are removably mountable in the indentations, where appropriate, for a given measuring task. The adaptor bodies are held in pla ...

Dieter Busch: Method and apparatus for determining and detecting data indicative of the condition of machines through a unique data probe including a test data probe portion and an identifying data sensing probe portion. Pruftechnik Dieter Busch & Partner & Co, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, January 24, 1989: US04800512 (52 worldwide citation)

A measuring instrument for determining and evaluating data representative of the condition of a machine provided with measuring points is provided with a test data probe, incorporating a test data receiver and an evaluation circuit with memory for picking up and evaluating the test data received fro ...

Roland Holzl: Shaft alignment checking method. Pruftechnik Dieter Busch & Partner & Co, Robert W Fiddler, June 25, 1991: US05026998 (40 worldwide citation)

A method for checking the coaxial alignment of tandem-arranged shafts involving the detection of a coaxial in-line or an offset state of the said shafts. In different angular positions of measurement two independent signals are produced related to any parallel offset and any angular offset of the sh ...

Heinrich Lysen: Device for ascertaining alignment errors in shafts arranged in tandem. Pruftechnik Dieter Busch & Partner & Co, Robert W Fiddler, October 6, 1987: US04698491 (38 worldwide citation)

Device intended to determine whether two shafts arranged one behind the other are aligned or parallel or whether they are offset with a certain angle. The device employs a light beam S, S' and a mirror prism (6) or any other optical system and displays separately the alignment errors directly as a f ...

Heinrich Lysen, Kal Aschenbrenner, Thomas Letze: Electro-optical measuring device for determining the relative position of two bodies, or of two surface areas of bodies, in relation to each other. Pruftechnik Dieter Busch, David S Safran, Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson, March 21, 2000: US06040903 (31 worldwide citation)

Proposed for detecting the relative position of two bodies (2, 3) or surface regions of bodies is an electro-optical measuring instrument which has, in a known way, a light beam transmitter (4), which can be attached to the one body (3) or surface region and transmits a focused light beam (L), and a ...


Dieter Franke, Johann Loesl, Steffen Buehler: Method for determining and displaying spectra for vibration signals. Pruftechnik Dieter Busch, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, March 27, 2001: US06208944 (19 worldwide citation)

A portable electronic vibration measurement device, detects a large number of structure-borne sound signals using a predetermined sequence of a plurality of specific individual measurements each plurality of measurements taken at a different sampling frequency.

Heinrich Lysen, Johannes G Holzl: Contact temperature sensor. Pruftechnik Dieter Busch, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, June 18, 1996: US05527111 (18 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a contact temperature sensor consisting of a planar contact plate, a thermocouple element attached to the contact plate for determining the temperature of the contact plate, and a deflectable and tiltable holding system. The connection lines to the thermocouple element are wou ...

Dieter Busch, Michael Hermann, Volker Konetschny, Heinrich Lysen: Device and method for mutually aligning bodies. Pruftechnik Dieter Busch, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, April 11, 2000: US06049378 (15 worldwide citation)

The spatial position of rollers or other mutually adjacent articles is measured or examined by indirect transport of a reference direction. To this end, an adaptor is placed on one of the rollers. The adaptor is equipped with a light source which emits a light beam substantially parallel to the axis ...

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