Jurgen Harms, Lutz Biedermann: Pedicle screw and receiver member therefore. Prufer, Donald Brown, May 4, 1993: US05207678 (543 worldwide citation)

For a pedicle screw a receiver member is provided for hingedly connecting a screw (2) comprising a threaded shaft portion (3) and a spherical-segment-shaped head (4) on the one hand and a rod (16) on the other hand. In order to improve the stocking costs for screws of different shaft lengths and sha ...

Hermann Stockburger, Hans Georg Winderlich, Siegfried Bauer, Zeljko H Adamovic: Copying apparatus for producing combined copies. Lutz H Prufer, Donald Brown, September 18, 1984: US04472050 (16 worldwide citation)

A copying apparatus is disclosed in which an information derived from an external information source may be combined with an original to be copied. The imaging arrangement of the copying apparatus comprises an arrangement for blocking at least selected portions of the light path between the original ...

Peter Michl: Tube separator. Prufer, Donald Brown, June 1, 1993: US05215121 (9 worldwide citation)

A tube separator comprises an inlet and an outlet to define a flow direction from the inlet to the outlet, shut-off means arranged between the inlet and the outlet for connecting the inlet with the outlet in a first position thereof and for disconnecting the inlet from the outlet in a second positio ...

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In a container such as a cardboard container for packaging milk which comprises sidewalls, a bottom flap and a top flap as well as an ear to be folded down around a folding edge for forming a pouring spout the problem is encountered that, for opening the container, an outer portion of the ear has to ...

Improvements in or relating to drawing boards. Kurt Prufer, May 7, 1952: GB671486-A (4 worldwide citation)

671,486. Drawing-instruments. PRUFER, K. Jan. 2, 1950 [Oct. 28, 1948], No. 26739/49. Class 97 (iii). [Also in Group XV] A drawing-board comprises a flexible rollable sheet 1 of, e.g., a synthetic resin for supporting drawing paper 12, and a rigid guide 2 permanently or detachably secured along one e ...

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Copying machine (1) with a paper supply station (3), an outlet station (6) for letting out produced copies and a paper transport channel (5) between the paper supply station (3) and the outlet station (6). In order to enable the outlet of preperforated copies, a perforation device (8) for perforatin ...

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1,014,334. Dental handpieces. A. PR FER. June 15, 1962, No. 23037/62. Heading A5R. A dental handpiece 1 is driven by an electric motor 5 detachably, mounted on the handpiece. A suitable battery, preferably of the layer type, may additionally be attached to the further end of the motor casing by apin ...

Prufer Max H, Prufer James M: Raccord de remplissage pour matelas hydrauliques, Internal expansion waterbed fitting. Prufer Max H, Prufer James M, WESTELL & HANLEY, July 22, 1986: CA1208376

A B S T R A C T A waterbed filling unit has an outer sleeve which canbe inserted into a waterbed filler neck and also coupled to awater supply or drain. An inner sleeve may be pressed into theouter sleeve to create watertight seals between the water supplyor drain and the filler neck.

Prufer Fred, Bergvinson Erik: Systeme de recolte des cones de conifere, System for harvesting seed from a coniferous tree. Prufer Fred, Bergvinson Erik, Silvatech Developments, JOHNSON ERNEST PETER, May 10, 2005: CA2391546

A seed harvester pod and method are provided for harvesting seeds from the cones of a live, free - standing, coniferous tree. The pod comprises an open-sided conical frame, open at the top and bottom, supporting a permeable side wall, which may be netting. The netting is operative to allow penetrati ...

Prufer Fred, Bergvinson Erik: Methode de recolte des graines de conifere, Method for harvesting seed from a coniferous tree. Prufer Fred, Bergvinson Erik, Silvatech Developments, JOHNSON ERNEST PETER, February 6, 2007: CA2452078

A pod is lowered onto and then immediately removed from the crown of a coniferous tree, using a helicopter, at a time when the cones of the tree have opened. The pod has a conical and open-bottomed frame supporting a screen side wall. The base of the frame supports an internal annular open-top troug ...