Carl H Becker, Herman Wong, William J Kaspari: Non-photographic, digital laser image recording. Precision Instrument Co, Townsend and Townsend, January 4, 1977: US04001840 (35 worldwide citation)

A non-photographic, digital laser image recording and reading method and apparatus for recording and reading visual, two-dimensional replicas or representations of objects, pictures, illustrations, computer outputs and the like. A flat-field twin objective is employed to project the image of a laser ...

Eacret Dan P: Outil de reparation des accrocs aux tissus, Cloth snag repair tool. Clearwater Precision Instrument Co, GEORGE H RICHES AND ASSOCIATES, February 1, 1983: CA1140510

Abstract of the Disclosure A cloth snag repair tool is described for removingsnags from one side of a cloth. The tool includes a shafthaving a length between 60 mm and 90 mm and a maximum diameterbetween 0.635 mm and 1.65 mm. The shaft has a cloth penetrationsurface section beginning at a pointed fo ...

Huang Hanchang: A measuring device with a worktable having an air bearing glass. Guangdong Rational Precision Instrument Co, Ju Shuhua, Zhu Ling, November 4, 2009: CN200780049300

A measuring device with a worktable having an air bearing glass includes a worktable (1) and a measuring system (2) hanging above the worktable (1), the worktable (1) includes a seat (11), a window (111a) is set on the table top (111) of the seat (11); a bearing glass (12) which is embedded in the w ...