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A method for indirectly assessing the gesture, posture or movement of a body part of a person includes transmitting an ultrasound signal into the soft tissue, particularly the muscle, of body part and manipulating the reflected ultrasound signal to obtain parameter data. The parameter data is compar ...

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A system utilizing a number of micro-strip antenna apparatus embedded in or mounted on the surface of a structure for enabling wireless communication of sensed and actuation signals. The micro-strip antenna apparatus may include smart materials or other substrates. If only a sensed operation is desi ...

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A hierarchical searching technique is used to find the first memory location of a calendar queue with a validity bit of “1” (that is, the lowest time stamp). The bit string at any level l (l≠0) can be stored in a RAM of size g

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In a switch having input ports and output ports, a fast ring reservation arbitration is provided by grouping crosspoint units associated with an output port. If any of the crosspoint units of a group request the output port, a received token will be passed to crosspoint units within the group. If, o ...

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A teleconferencing robot for enabling a remote conferee to project a sense of presence into a group meeting. The teleconferencing robot includes: a base; a video monitor movably mounted to the base for receiving and displaying an image of the remote conferee; an attention getting device for getting ...

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Compensating for time stamp aging in systems employing fair packet queuing algorithms by (i) representing a time stamp of each head-of-line packet of a session with a finite number of bits, (ii) representing a system potential with a finite number of bits, (iii) storing a packet's time stamp when it ...

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This invention relates to an apparatus for the projection of a remote conferee's presence into a group meeting environment by usin a combination of videoconferencing/teleconferencing and robotics technology. The remote conferee's face is shown substantially life-size on a video monitor. The remote c ...

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A “peer-to-peer” hierarchical routing protocol—also referred to as Zone-based Hierarchical Link State Routing protocol (or “ZHLS”)—which incorporates location information into a novel “peer-to-peer” hierarchical routing approach. The network may be divided into non-overlapping zones. Aggregating nod ...

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A dual round robin arbitration technique for a switch in which input ports include virtual output queues. A first arbitration selects, for each of the input ports, one cell from among head of line cells of the virtual output queues to generate a first arbitration winning cell. Then, for each of the ...