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The present invention particularly provides an identification card and an access system for its use. The identification card has recorded thereon visually-readable bearer information and encoded machine-readable data. The encoded machine-readable data includes encoded data representative of a person ...

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A system and method for processing a digital image signal which represents an image can be made to optimally map luminance values versus a tonal reproduction capability of a destination application. Specifically, the system includes a device for partitioning the image into blocks, then combining cer ...

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A hand held, self-processing, electronic imaging camera for electronically recording an image of a scene, for providing a visual display of the recorded image on an electro-optical display device forming part of the camera such that the operator may audit or preview the recorded image and for printi ...

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This disclosure is directed to a highly efficient linear polarizer which is effective to separate normally incident light thereon into two oppositely polarized components, one of which is transmitted and another component which is reflected.

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An identification card comprises a single media having a plurality of different heat sensitive image forming dye compounds on which are encoded a colored pictorial image of the card holder, colored text, and machine readable digital data. A laser printing method is also provided for activating the h ...

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Optical devices including a molecularly oriented highly birefringent polymer are disclosed. The devices include molecularly oriented polymers comprising recurring units which exhibit a distribution of high electron density about the long axes of the polymer and the recurring units thereof. Transpare ...

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A method for processing a field of image data samples to provide for one or more of the functions of decimation, interpolation, and sharpening is accomplished by use of an array transform processor such as that employed in a JPEG compression system. Blocks of data samples are transformed by the disc ...

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Apparatus for coupling radiation into a single-mode core of an optical fiber laser has a single-mode core disposed within a relatively large, multimode cladding at a location which is displaced from the center of the cross-section of the cladding. The cladding is surrounded by a further layer to pre ...

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A method and system for testing and sorting a production run of sheet-like batteries includes: testing each battery to obtain a first value of electrical energy; placing machine readable indicia on each battery corresponding to the first value; retesting each battery after passage of a period of tim ...

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A thermal imaging method for forming color images is provided which relies upon the irreversible unimolecular fragmentation of one or more thermally unstable carbamate moieties of an organic compound to effect a visually discernible color shift from colorless to colored, from colored to colorless or ...