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An image scaling circuit for increasing or decreasing the size of a sampled image to match a fixed resolution display. The circuit includes means for resizing the image in the horizontal and vertical dimension using independent sample rate converters. The sample rate converters increase or decrease ...

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The image scaling memory system of the present invention eliminates the use of internal or external line memories by using an existing frame memory coupled with an input buffer and a plurality of output buffers for providing a vertical scalar with simultaneous parallel access to multiple lines of da ...

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An adaptive filter calculates a target pixel from an interlaced video signal. The video signal comprises a plurality of frames, each of which comprise an even and an odd field. The filter comprises a quantized motion calculator and a filter selector. The quantized motion calculator estimates an amou ...

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A digital video camera is coupled with an image processing station by a tether that has a bandwidth. The processing station has a memory with a program that executes instructions. When application software on the station requests a driver on the station to operate the camera at a specific frame rate ...

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We describe a weighted absolute difference based deinterlace method and apparatus. The deinterlace method and apparatus uses weighted absolute differences along different directions as means for interpolating pixel data using edge orientation detection. The apparatus includes a memory adapted to sto ...

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A multi-link receiving mechanism (MRM) is disclosed comprising a plurality of receivers. Each receiver receives a separate data stream, and all receivers receive the same clock signal. The data streams may arrive at the MRM out of alignment relative to each other (i.e. may have inter-pair skew), and ...

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A CMOS output cell with multiple output modes is disclosed. In one embodiment, the cell drives a differential output signal on two output pads in one mode and two single-ended output signals on the two output pads in another mode. Differential and single-ended driver transistors are included for thi ...

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The present invention is an on-chip termination circuit designed to address resistance variability by making a portion of a termination resistance a MOSFET transistor operating in the triode region and replicating the termination resistance inside of a feedback loop to control the resistance of the ...

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We describe and claim television channel change picture-in-picture circuit and method. The circuit includes means for displaying a first channel on a primary portion of a screen, means for changing from the first channel to a second channel, and means for displaying the second channel on a secondary ...

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A projector determines horizontal and vertical tilt angles. Using the tilt angles and the inherent properties of the projector, keystone correction corner points for the image can be computed. The keystone correction corner points can be used to perform keystone correction on the image.