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Electric cable and process for its manufacture are disclosed. The electric cable has its electric conductor covered with extruded insulation comprising numerous layers of insulating material, the number of such layers being more than two and preferably ranging between 5 and 100, and the thickness of ...

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Electrical cable, in particular for medium- or high-voltage power transmission or distribution, having a metal shield and a semiconductive water-blocking expanded layer. This layer exerts three main functions, the first one is to elastically and uniformly absorb radial forces of expansion and contra ...

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Hybrid electrical-optical cable for overhead installations for power distribution and for telecommunications, comprising three insulated phase conductors helically wound around a supporting rope. Inside the supporting rope there is at least one optical fibre element fitted in a tubular structure whi ...

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A polymeric composition for coating electric cables for power transmission at medium/high voltage, having an improved resistance against the formation of the so-called water trees, comprises a polymeric polyolefin base including, in parts by weight to the total weight thereof, from 0.5 to 15 parts o ...

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A composite cable for conveying electrical energy and optical signals from a source or sources thereof to electrically energized units which process the optical signals. The cable has one or more buffer tubes, each buffer tube encircling at least two optical fibers for supplying optical signals to a ...

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A cable for conveying both electrical power and optical signals, the cable having an electric conductor with insulation therearound, a sheath around the insulation, a one or two part protective layer around the insulation, a tube within the protective layer and at least one optical fiber loosely rec ...

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A method and apparatus for determining the position of a mobile body which is movable along a rectilinear path relative to a fixed reference body in which the position of the mobile body is independent of any spurious movements of the body or variations in the intensity of the source of radiation.


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An abrasion-resistant halogenated isobutylene-based rubber composition having good traction characteristics is disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, the composition comprises a halogenated isobutylene rubber, styrene/butadiene rubber and polybutadiene rubber combined with carbon black and a silane-c ...

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An optical fiber cable has a core with a bore which loosely contains optical fibers and includes a single strength member embedded in an outer jacket which surrounds the core. The strength member allows for relative ease of bending of the cable in directions other than the bending directions in the ...