William B Mattingly: Sanitary napkin attachment means. Personal Products Company, Jason Lipow, August 26, 1986: US04608047 (211 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a sanitary napkin of the type emplacement in the inner crotch portion of an undergarment. The napkin comprises a central absorbent element having flaps extending from each of its longitudinal edges. The flaps extend to a sufficient length to allow the flaps to overlie the out ...

Ralf Korpman: Elastic disposable diaper. Personal Products Company, March 15, 1988: US04731066 (157 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an elastic laminated disposable diaper which has a liquid-impermeable backing which is produced from an initially molten extruded elastic film, an absorbent core and a liquid-permeable facing. The facing is at least about 25 percent extensible and is coextensive with the backi ...

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A disposable absorbent product is provided in the form of a layered structure. A first fibrous layer of resilient fibers contains superabsorbent and is superposed on a layer of hydrophilic material. The layers are unpressed and slit followed by extrusion to open the slits to provide apertures. The s ...

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The invention provides a disposable urinary and fecal waste containment product suitable for active adults. The product has a high liquid impact capacity, high liquid retention, contains fecal waste without leakage and allows the skin of the wearer to remain dry. The product has a liquid-impermeable ...

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A sanitary napkin which is formed in either a curved or flat configuration, tapered toward its rearward end, and is maintained in its shaped configuration by deep embossed channels impressed through the cover and into the core of the napkin to compression bond the two components together. The deep e ...

Frederick K Mesek: Disposable diaper with folded absorbent batt. Personal Products Company, Robert L Minier, June 2, 1987: US04670011 (113 worldwide citation)

An improved absorbent unit for a disposable diaper, or the like, wherein a fibrous batt is initially generally rectangularly shaped, and is cut so as to define side flaps which are folded over into overlapping relationship with one another in the central portion of the batt to define a multiple laye ...

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An absorbent product is provided which is disposable, light weight, stable and potentially thin. It is comprised of a superstructure of resilient fibers in combination with superabsorbent, which combination is provided with apertures. The apertures and at least one side of the superstructure are cov ...

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A superthin absorbent disposable product is provided having an absorbing layer containing superabsorbent and a wicking layer. The product is suitable for use in disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, incontinent pads, wipes and the like.

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A sanitary napkin having flaps extending laterally from each of the longitudinal edges of its central absorbent element is provided with at least one fluid retarding channel disposed transversely across the absorbent element for inhibiting the transmission of body fluid from a central portion of the ...

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A cover is provided for a body fluid absorbing product which has a pattern of depressed and undepressed areas imposed on its exterior surface, which pattern presents a highly visible color contrast between the depressed and undepressed areas. The cover comprises a relatively light colored, relativel ...