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A microprocessor controlled system for monitoring, storing and periodically reporting on data pertinent to the commercial operation of a reporting system, such as a soft drink vending machine, to a central data collection and monitoring computer, and which periodically reports such data over a telep ...

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A golf club of the iron type has a metal head with a front striking face and a slot spaced rearwardly from the striking face to provide a flexible and resilient striking plate. The thickness of the plate is such that the plate will: (a) resiliently flex and store energy when the striking face impact ...

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A set of iron-type golf clubs is designed to have gear effect so that a golf ball which is hit off-center on the club is provided with a corrective spin which will tend to bring the ball back to the intended line of flight.

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A golf club of the wood type in which the ball striking surface of the head is recessed to receive a metal insert which is secured therein, the insert having a front grooved surface which is flush with and forms a part of the striking surface of the club, the insert having an open-ended passageway e ...

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A golf clubhead has weight distributed on opposite sides of a non-vertical axis which extends through the center of gravity of the clubhead in a plane which intersects the axis of the shaft above the clubhead to provide more accurate off-center hits. Wooden clubs are provided with bulge and roll whi ...

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A plastic bottle for holding liquids such as carbonated beverages under pressure. The bottle, a one-piece, self-standing biaxially-oriented plastic container, is generally cylindrical in body configuration with a spherical bottom from which several lobes or feet extend for supporting the bottle upri ...

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An exerciser bar is supported for rotation and acts against an hydraulic cylinder with the angle of the bar and the pressure in the cylinder measured and fed to a micro computer which, using this input data, controls the cylinder pressure in accordance with a selected exercise program, the micro com ...

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A bulk syrup delivery system in which a compartmentized tank delivery truck includes a plurality of separate compartments or tanks, generally one for each of several different types of soft drink syrup. One multichannel delivery hose, having one channel or passageway for each type of syrup, extends ...

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A shock-absorbing system is provided for protective helmets such as football helmets or crash helmets which includes an impact-resistant shell, a plurality of webs secured to the inside of the shell in the crown portion, and a plurality of flexible plastic compartments containing foam secured to the ...

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An improved selection panel having a plurality of touch-actuated capacitive switches thereon. Each capacitive switch in the panel includes a transparent glass substrate having transparent conductive coatings on opposite sides thereof to form a capacitor. A display support is positioned behind and ad ...