Chandrakant B Thanawalla: Aseptic connector. Pennwalt Corporation, Charles N Quinn, July 24, 1979: US04161949 (123 worldwide citation)

A connector for affecting aseptic juncture of two bodies for flow of fluid therebetween comprises a female element having a base, a conduit passing through the base, a cylindrical sheath extending from the base and concentrically spaced about a portion of the conduit, an annular exterior wall extend ...

Yegnaswami Raghunathan: Prolonged release pharmaceutical preparations. Pennwalt Corporation, September 9, 1980: US04221778 (117 worldwide citation)

Prolonged release pharmaceutical preparations containing ion exchange resin drug complexes at least a substantial portion of which have been treated with a solvating agent and provided with a diffusion barrier coating.

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An X-ray tubehead counterbalancing mechanism devoid of springs, cams and chains is disclosed. The mechanism requires only a single adjustment to precisely counterbalance objects, such as tubeheads and the like. The mechanism includes a commercially available gas spring which is used in conjunction w ...

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An amusement device is disclosed which contains a signal generator attached to a flexible member. When the flexible member is repeatedly waved, an oscillatory electrical signal is produced by the signal generator and supplied to a sound generator which produces sound which synchronously varies with ...

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Apparatus sorts articles according to any combination of plural criteria, including volume or diameter, length, shape, weight, color, density and surface quality. A light sensitive dynamic random access memory and novel processing circuitry are utilized for providing indications of the article's vol ...

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A thermal energy storage composite pellet-shaped product of about 1/8 inch to 1 inch in size, formed of an outer seamless shell member which defines a cavity that permanently encases a phase-change composition, the composition being present in a quantity such that the total volume of the composition ...

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A flexible shaft casing assembly for use in permanent installations wherein the flexible shaft may rotate at high speeds along a tight radius bend or bends in power driven application. The assembly includes a plurality of rigid, curved, tubular casing members which are capable of defining the bends. ...

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A dental chair is equipped with a cushion roll between the backrest and the seat rest to provide a continuous supporting surface extending from the backrest to as far as the bottom of the leg rest. Single or dual controls are provided on the backrest, preferably along the opposite side edges of the ...

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An electrostatic image display apparatus which uses piezoelectric film to enable a user to form images on a screen. The apparatus is contained within a housing. Supported within the housing is a common electrode. A layer of piezoelectric film is separated a distance from the common electrode by a su ...

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A decanter centrifuge having a screw conveyor within an imperforate bowl is provided with an annular baffle carried by the screw conveyor. Light phase material and heavy phase material is separated from a mixture thereof fed to the centrifuge bowl. The heavy phase discharge port, usually in a tapere ...