Strecker William V: Deck socket assembly. Peck & Hale, Pennie & Edmonds, January 14, 1975: US3860209 (74 worldwide citation)

A deck attachment fitting, a deck socket and a socket and attachment assembly for use particularly to position and hold down standard freight or shipping containers having standard corner fittings on the deck of a ship or other carrier. When used as an assembly, the socket is welded to the deck and ...

Strecker William V: Container stowing system. Peck & Hale, December 4, 1973: US3776169 (33 worldwide citation)

A freight container stowage system employing bracket member and post combinations secured to the ship and adjacent containers, and cross beams between specified tiers of the containers with their opposite ends lashed to the brackets, thereby reducing the number of connections required to secure the ...

Albert H Rosaia: Connector interconnecting freight devices. Peck & Hale, Pennie & Edmonds, July 7, 1981: US04277212 (20 worldwide citation)

A connector for use in the securement of a first member, such as a cargo container, to a base support includes a base member, a post member extending from the base member in one direction and an attaching means for attaching the connector to the base support extending from the base member in the oth ...

Strecker William V: Stacker key locking device. Peck & Hale, Pennie & Edmonds, July 15, 1975: US3894493 (16 worldwide citation)

A selectively operable stacker key locking device adapted to secure cargo containers either in vertical or horizontal adjacent stacked relation or to secure a container to a base support. The locking device includes a base member, a neck member and an elongated shank member to which a crosshead cont ...

Morris Joseph R, Last Jr Walter A: Container interconnection arrangement. Peck & Hale, March 27, 1973: US3722714 (13 worldwide citation)

Interconnecting rectangular freight containers in a container stowage system having one or several tiers of containers in order to prevent relative movement horizontally and provide for variation in container spacing. This is accomplished by the use of interlock stacker units, and spacer plates or b ...

James P Tiemann: Coupling device including automatic latching lock. Peck & Hale, Hoffmann & Baron, December 10, 2002: US06490766 (13 worldwide citation)

A coupling device for coupling a corner casting of a first freight container to a corner casting of a second freight container including a fully automatic latching lock providing consistent and repeatable release force characteristics. The coupling device preferably includes a positive stop which re ...

Last Walter A: Tie down device. Peck & Hale, January 9, 1973: US3709455 (8 worldwide citation)

A tie down device adapted to be secured selectively to an anchorage member having a web provided with either a circular opening or an anchorage member having a web provided with an elongated opening. The tie down device has an opening of its own for receiving the end fitting of lashing means and is ...

Albert H Rosaia: Retractable twistlock for securement of a container to a support. Peck & Hale, Pennie & Edmonds, March 26, 1985: US04507032 (5 worldwide citation)

A twistlock for mounting and securing a container to a support including a socket and a plurality of operative components movable relative to the socket. The socket is supported within an opening of the support to locate an entry to a cavity within the socket at an upper surface. The operative compo ...

Joseph Royt: Automatic lock for cargo container. Peck & Hale L L C, Schroeder Law PC, April 21, 2015: US09011055 (3 worldwide citation)

An automatic lock affixed to a cargo container for interconnecting two stacked containers, and for automatically locking and unlocking without reliance upon the overcoming of a friction force to release the device.

Lajos Meszaros: Cargo lashing fitting. Peck & Hale L L C, Schroeder Law PC, October 29, 2013: US08568070 (2 worldwide citation)

A cargo lashing fitting for affixing to the deck of a transportation vehicle. The fitting includes a housing which is formed from material having welding compatibility with the deck of the transportation vehicle, and is sized to fit within an opening in the deck of such vehicle. The fitting further ...