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Magnesium alloy having a breaking load of at least 290 MPa, more particularly at least 330 MPa, having the following composition by weight: Al 2-11%, Zn 0-12%, Mn 0-0.6%, Ca 0-7%, but with the presence of at least Zn and/or Ca, having a mean particle size less than 3 .mu.m, a homogeneous matrix rein ...

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Abrasive and/or refractory products comprising at least one compound from the group of oxynitrides of one or more metals or metalloids (such as Al, Mg, alkaline earth metals, Si, Ti or Zr) and obtained by melting and solidification.

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The invention concerns a multiphase alumina-based material formed by a matrix of corundum in which microcrystalline phases of aluminium oxycarbide, aluminium oxynitride and aluminium oxycarbonitride are homogeneously dispersed. The combined carbon content is between 0.05 and 5% and the combined nitr ...

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Process for obtaining porous solid bodies of shape and porosity which are adapted as needed, made of refractory carbide with a high specific surface, characterised in that an exclusively polymeric and/or copolymerisable organic compound (for example a resin), capable of being carbonised and capable ...

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Catalyst system and process for its manufacture. The catalyst system consists of a support on which the catalytically active product is deposited. The support has mechanical or physical properties which are advantageous for the operating conditions required, but a mediocre specific surface. The cata ...

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A porous refractory carbide with a large specific surface area is disclosed. The refractory carbide has a skeleton of metallic or metalloid refractory carbide and has a bimodal open porosity with a group of pores of 1 to 100 microns and a group of pores smaller than 0.1 micron.

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The invention is directed to a process for the production of fine grains of silicon carbide which are formed by an agglomerate of submicronic grains having a specific surface area that is at least 100 m.sup.2 .multidot.g.sup.-1, which are intended in particular to serve as a carrier for catalysts fo ...


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An alloy based on magnesium with a load at rupture of at least 290 MPa and an elongation at rupture of at least 5%, the alloy comprising by weight, 2 to 11% aluminum, 0 to 1% manganese, 0.1 to 6% strontium, various possible impurities, and the remainder magnesium. The alloy has a structure including ...

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Method for producing heavy metal carbides with high specific surface area, characterized in that a gas compound of said metal is reacted with a reactive carbon of high specific surface area of at least 200 mg at a temperature comprised between 900 DEG C and 1,400 DEG C, and carbides thus produced.