Paul J Fenelon, Lawrence Morgan, Michael P Sohr: Balanced stackable dumbbell system. Paul J Fenelon, Harness Dickey & Pierce, March 21, 2006: US07014598 (21 worldwide citation)

A dumbbell system (10) is provided including a base weight member (12) having a ring-shaped body (14) and a handle (18) extending across an opening (16) in the ring-shaped body (14). A plurality of weight rings (20, 22, 24) are adapted to be removably mounted to the base weight member (12) in order ...

Paul J Fenelon: Lift system. Paul J Fenelon, March 1, 2016: US09271572 (1 worldwide citation)

A household lift is provided with a stationary base and rack, wherein the movement of the drive gears and an associated movable portion is supported for linear motion parallel to the rack by at least a pair of extensible slides that are oriented at approximately right angles to one another.