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A process is provided for preparing skinless hydrophilic alcohol-insoluble polyamide membranes by preparing a solution in a polyamide solvent of an alcohol-insoluble polyamide resin having a ratio CH.sub.2 :NHCO of methylene CH.sub.2 to amide NHCO groups within the range from about 5:1 to about 7:1 ...

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A system for collecting and processing donated blood comprises a first porous medium interposed between a blood collection bag and a satellite bag and a second porous medium interposed between the blood collection bag and another satellite bag. The porous media are leucocyte depletion media. The sys ...

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A corrugated cylindrical filter element is provided having an external spiral tape support, comprising a corrugated filter sheet material in the form of a cylinder having an end cap at each end of the cylinder sealingly bonded to the filter sheet material at that end, the corrugations of the filter ...

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Devices for the depletion of leukocytes in blood products, preferably comprising an upstream porous element including means for removal of gels, at least one intermediate porous element including means for removal of microaggregates, and a downstream element including means for removal of leukocytes ...

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A device and method for processing a biological fluid comprises directing the biological fluid tangentially or parallel to the face of a separation medium in at least one serpentine fluid flow channel such that a plasma-rich fluid passes through the separation medium and a plasma-depleted fluid pass ...

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A composite surgical dressing that is highly absorbent, capable of preventing leakage or exudation from open wounds and capable of preventing contamination from entering or escaping from the wound, comprising an outer microporous, liquid-repellent fibrous layer having a maximum pore size of 0.5 micr ...

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The disclosure describes a filter cartridge for removing particulates from a destructive fluid such as a hot acid or solvent. The filter cartridge comprises a cylindrical filter arrangement having a generally annular cross section and including a cylindrical, microporous fluoropolymeric filter for r ...

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Apparatus is provided for separating gases and liquids and particularly for removing and venting gases contained in liquids. The separation is obtained by interposing a filter which is wetted by liquid across the liquid outlet line; this filter passes the liquid but repels the gas. Another portion o ...

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A biological fluid analysis device (100) including a biosensor (50) comprising an electrochemical-enzymatic sensor including a working electrode (51) and a reference electrode (52), is disclosed.

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A device for the depletion of the leucocyte content in a platelet concentrate, preferably comprising a modified porous, fibrous medium with a critical wetting surface tension of at least about 90 dynes/cm and a method for the depletion of the leucocyte content and platelet concentrate comprising pas ...