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A fitness monitoring system comprises a personal exercise monitoring device which is preprogrammed with data to guide a user in a desirable exercise regime. The monitoring device includes communication means enabling connection to a central computer system for downloading data recorded during an exe ...

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Compounds useful for attaching a fluorescein label to an oligonucleotide are disclosed. The compounds are fluorescein-linked phosphoramidites where the hydroxyl groups on the fluorescein moiety are protected by isobutyryl groups. An example of this class of compound is ##STR1##

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A vehicle seat including a thigh support, a leg rest, a foot rest and a control system which is adapted to monitor the respective positions of the leg rest and the foot rest. The control system will either move the foot rest to a position where it will not strike the floor during movement of the leg ...

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In order to produce high tensile strength mesh structures, starting material, which is at least 0.75 mm thick and which has a square or rectangular pattern of holes or depressions, is stretched either in one direction or in two directions at right angles. The uniaxially stretched structure has orien ...

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Plastics material mesh which has spaced, longitudinal, oriented strands is used to form a retainer construction for retaining fill in a geotechnical structure. Triangular compartments are formed by having a number of parallel elongate portions of the mesh and interconnecting them by zig-zag portions ...

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A method for inserting a selected restriction site into a double stranded genetic sequence at a selected tab site, and a linker for use therewith are disclosed. The method involves treating the genetic sequence with an opening agent (such as a restriction enzyme) so as to open both strands of the ta ...

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A seatback recliner mechanism made up of a fixed frame attachable to a seat bottom and a plate pivoted to the fixed frame and attachable to a seat back. An inertia operated lock mechanism for locking together the pivoted plate and the fixed frame under simultaneous deceleration of both elements. The ...

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A chemical compound of the following formula is disclosed ##STR1## where R is one of H, trityl, 4-0-monomethoxytrityl, 4,4'-O-dimethoxytrityl, or acyl groups and R may be used as a protecting group or is an H; R.sup.1 is a phosphoramidite; R.sup.11 is one of H or lower alkyl groups; R.sup.111 is one ...

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An infinitely positionable mechanical lock having a housing and at least one bushing fixed to the housing, the bushing having an inclined spring abutment surface. A rod is axially slidable through the bushing relative to the housing. A coil spring is wound about the rod, the spring having a normal i ...

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A cushioning device for a body support such as a mattress, seat, sofa, or the like where support is obtained from a fluid. The cushioning device is self-inflating, self-adjusting, and provides a low interface pressure under the entire contact surface of a patient. Shear force scraping damage is prev ...