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An electrical lead suitable for use in ignition systems for internal combustion engines including an electrical conductor fully surrounded by insulation with an exposed conductor portion extending from the insulation at one end of the lead; and an electrically conductive termination cap fastened at ...

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Based on the discovery that Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 strongly retards the dissolving rate of insulating glass fibers in a synthetic lung solution, glass fibers having low alumina contents have been identified that dissolve significantly faster in lung fluid. Moreover, these glass fibers still have adequate ...

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A glass fiber size which is prepared by reaction of an epoxidized ester with an amino compound, a glycidoxy compound or a carboxy compound. In addition, the epoxidized ester can be replaced by a melaminealdehyde resin, a urea-aldehyde resin, a polyamide or a carboxylated butadiene-styrene resin. Gla ...

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Glass fibers coiled in layers into a generally tubularly shaped package, and in which the layer of fibers adjacent one of its generally cylindrical shaped surfaces, is adhered to the surface of a support by a tacky or adhesive material. The degree of tack is such as to hold the layer of coils in pos ...

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Mixtures of glycols, monomers and oligomers are disclosed which mixtures are converted to terephthalate ester polyols. These terephthalate ester polyols are useful in the production of polyurethane foams. When these polyols are employed to produce polyurethane foams, the resulting foams exhibit exce ...

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Disclosed is a coloring agent-containing coating composition comprising a film-forming latex polymer, an epoxy-functional silane, an acid-functional latex polymer, a mercapto-functional silane, and a cationic dye. Such coating compositions are particularly suited for coating onto glass fibers.

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A sizing composition for glass fibers is provided, comprising polyvinyl acetate, water dispersible epoxy resin and numerous lubricants, herein the sized glass fibers are used in fiber optics for the transmission of light or images from one point to another, which sizing enables further processing of ...

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The invention relates to apparatus and method for producing fibers from heat-softened mineral material, such as glass. More specifically, this invention relates to method of, and apparatus for, producing glass fibers from an electrically heated bushing having a bottom wall with an orifice section fo ...

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A composition for use in the treatment of glass fibers, and preferably in the treatment of glass fibers to form a size coating thereon to facilitate contact of the glass fibers with resinous and elastomeric materials in the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced resins and glass fiber reinforced elas ...

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An aqueous size composition for glass fibers is disclosed which includes a coupling agent, a binder or film former material and a thermoplastic polymer resin powder, wherein said composition is applied to the glass fiber surfaces during the fiber forming process. A rheology modifier material may be ...