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A drug delivery device having a drug containing zone associated with and partially defined by a material which swells on contact with body fluids. When swelling occurs, the pressure on the drug containing zone expels the drug from the device.

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An instrument for inserting an intrauterine contraceptive device of the kind having one or more outwardly extending arms or protrusions is described. The insertion instrument comprising an inserter tube and coacting rod maintains the arm or arms of the device in an extended configuration during stor ...

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A method of inserting an intrauterine contraceptive device is described. The device is mounted in a plunger and the plunger containing the device is inserted into a hollow insertion tube for insertion into the uterine cavity.

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This invention is directed to a multilayered controlled release pharmaceutical dosage form. More particularly the dosage form is adapted for water soluble drugs and comprises a plurality of coated particles wherein each has multiple layers about a core containing a drug active whereby the drug conta ...

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Immunoregulatory 2,5-diketopiperazine compounds of formula: ##STR1## wherein m is 1 or 2 and n is 3 or 4 possess the ability to regulate the immune system of humans and animals. Administration of the compounds will return to a normal state an immune system in need of regulation.

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A device for introducing pharmaceutical formulations into a body orifice is described. The device consists of a hollow tube constructed of a rigid but flexible material which is closed at at least one end. A freely sliding, rigid tube or rod is contained within the hollow tube and is attached to one ...

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The binding specificity of the murine OKT3 has been transferred into a human antibody framework in order to reduce its immunogenicity. This "humanized" anti-CD3 mAb (gOKT3-5) was previously shown to retain, in vitro, all the properties of native OKT3, including T cell activation which has been corre ...

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A solid, intimately admixed composition comprising a thermoplastic, physiologically-inert polymer soluble in body fluids, and an effective amount of a suitable medicament. The composition is suitable for introduction into a body cavity, therein to be slowly dissolved by body fluids and release there ...

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A lyophilized imaging agent formulation and methods for making same are disclosed, such formulations comprise a targeting molecule such as antibody or chemotactic peptide, a linker such as diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) or succinimidyl 6-hydrazinium nicotinate hydrochloride (SHNH), drying ...

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An apparatus and method for measuring a bodily constituent such as glucose or cholesterol by analyzing a sample taken from the body such as blood, saliva or urine. The sample is placed on a test strip inserted into the test block portion of the apparatus where the portion of the sample containing th ...