Deepak B Mehta, Michael Corbo: Process for coating stents and other medical devices using super-critical carbon dioxide. Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, September 30, 2003: US06627246 (72 worldwide citation)

This invention provides an improved process for coating medical and surgical devices and the like using super-critical fluids.

Gregory S Connor: Combination therapy comprising anti-diabetic and anticonvulsant agents. Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, February 3, 2004: US06686337 (57 worldwide citation)

Combination therapy comprising anti-diabetic agents and anticonvulsant derivatives useful for the treatment of Type II diabetes mellitus and Syndrome X are disclosed.

Scott L Dax, Timothy W Lovenberg, James McNally, Allen B Reitz, Mark A Youngman: N-substituted aminotetralins as ligands for the neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor useful in the treatment of obesity and other disorders. Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, Ralph R Palo, October 31, 2000: US06140354 (52 worldwide citation)

.beta.-Aminotetralin derivatives of the formula: ##STR1## which are ligands for the neuropeptide Y Y5 (NPY5) receptor, methods of preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing a .beta.-aminotetralin derivative as the active ingredient are described. The .beta.-aminotetralins are useful in t ...

Shifeng Bill Wei, Herling Uang: Polyethylene glycol coating for electrostatic dry deposition of pharmaceuticals. Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, Ellen Ciambrone Coletti, April 16, 2002: US06372246 (52 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a substrate coating for the electrostatic deposition of dry powder medicaments for use in the manufacture of pharmaceutical dosage forms comprising micronized polyethylene glycol (PEG), with A molecular weight in the range of 1,000 to 20,000, and having a particle size of 1- ...

Darth Dunbar, Kuldeepak Sharma: Adhesive transdermal drug delivery matrix of a physical blend of hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers. Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, December 19, 2000: US06162456 (48 worldwide citation)

Adhesive matrixes for use in administering drugs transdermally in which the adhesive component is a homogenous physical blend of a hydrophilic polymer adhesive and a hydrophobic polymer adhesive. The blends provide enhanced drug flux as compared to adhesive matrixes of either the hydrophobic polymer ...

Fredrik Kamme, Jessica Y Zhu: Method for generating amplified RNA. Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, Woodcock Washburn, April 8, 2008: US07354742 (38 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a new method for producing amplified RNA from a selected set of cells. This method combines and utilizes known methods in a novel way to produce the gene expression profiles. The methods of the present invention utilize thermostable DNA polymerases and RNase H to produ ...

Chia Ming Chiang, Renee Ann Tenzel: Solid matrix system for transdermal drug delivery. Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, Kenneth J Dow, November 21, 2000: US06149935 (37 worldwide citation)

A matrix for containing drugs for transdermal delivery systems is disclosed. The matrix, formed of a skin-adhesive acrylate copolymer, attains high rates of drug delivery without the addition of drug delivery rate enhancers. In preferred embodiments the matrix is used to administer steroids, in part ...


Michael J Costanzo: Methods for treating immunomediated inflammatory disorders. Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, Mary Appollina, November 27, 2001: US06323219 (35 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to methods ands compositions for bringing about changes in skin pigmentation and for treating inflammatory disorders. More particularly, this invention relates to compounds which affect melanogenesis and can be used as depigmenting agents or as agents for darkening skin utiliz ...

Ziping Wei, Sunitha Menon Rudolph, Pradip Ghosh Dastidar: Methods and kits for making polypeptides having a single covalently bound N-terminal water-soluble polymer. Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, Alan J Morrison, June 20, 2000: US06077939 (35 worldwide citation)

This invention provides compositions consisting essentially of a polypeptide and a water-soluble polymer covalently bound thereto at the N-terminal .alpha.-carbon atom via a hydrazone or reduced hydrazone bond, or an oxime or reduced oxime bond. This invention also provides methods of making the ins ...