Pilliar Robert M: Surgical prosthetic device with porous metal coating. Ontario Research Foundation, Sim & McBurney, December 24, 1974: US3855638 (516 worldwide citation)

A novel surgical prosthetic device having many useful surgical applications comprises a composite structure. The composite consists of a solid metallic material substrate and a porous coating adhered to and extending at least partially over the surface of the substrate. The porous coating has certai ...

Edward W C Wong: Implantable material. Ontario Research Foundation, Sim & McBurney, October 9, 1984: US04475972 (184 worldwide citation)

Porous polymeric material, which, in tubular form, is suitable for use as a vascular graft, is made by a procedure wherein polymeric fibres are wound on a mandrel while overlying fibres are simultaneously bonded together. In one preferred embodiment, a viscous solution of a biocompatible polymer is ...

Robert M Pilliar: Surgical prosthetic device or implant having pure metal porous coating. Ontario Research Foundation, Sim & McBurney, June 10, 1980: US04206516 (181 worldwide citation)

A surgical prosthetic device or implant is disclosed consisting of a coherent metal substrate and a pure metal porous coating. The pure metal porous coating is formed by thermal decomposition of a coating of thermally-decomposable metal compound particles and sintering of the metal particles so form ...

Anthony J Last: Ozone/ultraviolet water purifier. Ontario Research Foundation, Sim & McBurney, February 27, 1979: US04141830 (98 worldwide citation)

There is provided an apparatus for purifying liquid such as water, in which an ultraviolet light source irradiates air passing through a first chamber surrounding the source, and then irradiates the liquid passing through the second chamber surrounding the first chamber. The air from the first chamb ...

Robert C White: M.C.P. Joint replacement. Ontario Research Foundation, Sim & McBurney, January 6, 1981: US04242759 (54 worldwide citation)

There is provided a metacarpal-phalangeal joint replacement having two members, one for insertion into each of the respective bones in the joint. Each member defines a tail and a head, and the two heads are adapted to fit with each other in such a way that when the finger is extended, the joint and ...

Richard V Laughton: Waste water treatment. Ontario Research Foundation, Sim & McBurney, July 10, 1979: US04160724 (49 worldwide citation)

Removal of nitrogenous and carbonaceous contaminants is carried out in a single sludge two-tank system by a symbiotic two-step process whereby the second tank mainly oxidizes ammonia to nitrate and the first tank mainly reduces nitrate to nitrogen gas. The biological sludge is the same in both tanks ...

Ferdinand Besik: Renovation of waste water. Ontario Research Foundation, Sim & McBurney, February 15, 1977: US04008159 (48 worldwide citation)

A waste water treatment system for the renovation of waste water includes a four stage treatment for removal of gross solids, suspended, colloidal and dissolved organic matter, dissolved nitrogenous material, phosphates odor, color, coliform and residual solids.

Gustaf H Hanson, William M Gibbon: Orthodontic bracket. Augusta Developments, Ontario Research Foundation, Rogers & Scott, June 21, 1988: US04752221 (46 worldwide citation)

An orthodontic bracket of the type intended for cementing directly to a previously etched surface of the tooth enamel has on the lingual face thereof that contacts the tooth enamel surface a thin porous layer of sintered metal powder which is arranged to have a porosity such that it has keying chara ...

D Lindsay Mulholland, John D Sheppard: Separation of volatiles from aqueous solutions by gas stripping. Ontario Research Foundation, Shoemaker and Mattare, October 27, 1987: US04703007 (43 worldwide citation)

Process and apparatus for the recovery of low concentrations of volatile components from a liquid by use of a stripping gas is disclosed. The system is particularly suited for recovery of low concentration volatile metabolites from fermentation broths.

Berkovich Serge A: Recovery of titanium dioxide from ores. Ontario Research Foundation, Sim & McBurney, September 2, 1975: US3903239 (41 worldwide citation)

Titanium dioxide is recovered from ilmenite in high purity and high yield. The ore is leached with concentrated hydrochloric acid at room temperature to dissolve at least 80% of the titanium and iron values of the ore and to leave gangue material substantially undissolved. After separation from soli ...

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