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An enzyme electrode comprising: an insulative base plate; two or more electrodes formed on the surface of the insulative base plate and each having an exposed portion; an insulative protection film to insulate and protect the electrodes excluding at least those exposed portions; and an immobilized e ...

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A liquid crystal display assembly including a plurality of individual liquid crystal displays formed on a pair of cooperating substrates with the displays isolated from one another by a sealing pattern served to define individual displays. One method of forming a plurality of liquid crystal displays ...

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In order to measure the oxygen saturation in venous blood, a venous blood stream is made time-variant by applying pressure with a peak value of the minimum blood pressure to a proximal portion from a measuring part. Light beams with different wavelengths are transmitted from the measuring part and d ...

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A financial transaction processing system comprising an IC card (6) for use in transaction with a financial body, terminals (21e-24e) communicating with the IC card (6) and centers (21-24) provided for each financial body. The IC card (6) comprises a read only memory (2) for storing data for specify ...

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An electronic cash register system for a food dispensing business comprises an electronic cash register main body and an order information entering unit. The entering unit is adapted to collect and store as order information the information concerning codes of the items such as foods and drinks orde ...

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A transaction system comprising a card having a card balance recorded therein, at least one terminal transaction processor operable on the basis of on-line and off-line computer schemes, and a center operatively associated with the terminal transaction processor and having a file for recording there ...

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A molding method and apparatus in which an insert part is supported in a mold cavity by a pin. The pin is withdrawn when the resin pressure in the mold exceeds a predetermined value.

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Disclosed is an automatic transaction machine which normally operates in an oil-line mode with a central station. If during the course of a transaction a communications interruption occurs between the machine and central station, the transaction can be completed off-line with storage at the machine ...

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A payment making system comprises an electronic cash register and a payment making terminal device connected to the register and is adapted for use with a bank card issued by a bank to a person having a deposit account with the bank. The bank card has recorded therein at least data relating to the a ...

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A credit transaction processing system processes data related to a commodity entered into by using a card (17) owned by a customer and a recording card (16) owned by a store. First, merchant transaction data necessary for a credit sale stored in the recording medium (16), such as account number data ...