Syuichi Takayama: Endoscope system with an electric bending mechanism. Olympus Optical, February 19, 1985: US04499895 (283 worldwide citation)

An endoscope apparatus is disclosed which includes an insertion section inserted into a coeliac cavity of a human body and freely bendable therein, a motor housed in an operating section of an endoscope, a bending mechanism for bending a flexible tube of the insertion section on the basis of a torqu ...

Hiroyuki Furihata: Endoscope with expansible cuff member and operation section. Olympus Optical, September 30, 1980: US04224929 (282 worldwide citation)

An endoscope includes a distal end section, a pair of axially spaced annular cuffs mounted on the distal end section or a cuff member mounted on the distal end section having an opening formed in its intermediate portion and sealingly fitted at its edge portions on the distal end section, and a cham ...

Hiroyuki Furihata: Forceps for extracting stones in the pelvis of a kidney. Olympus Optical, Frishauf Holtz Goodman and Woodward, November 17, 1981: US04300564 (275 worldwide citation)

A forceps for extracting stones in the pelvis of a kidney comprises a pair of shanks pivotally connected to each other and each having a finger ring at one end, a pair of arms extending from the other ends of the respective shanks away from the finger rings and being curved to deviate from the plane ...

Takayuki Suzuki: Medical instrument for use in combination with an endoscope. Olympus Optical, Frishauf Holtz Goodman Langer & Chick P C, May 30, 2000: US06068603 (267 worldwide citation)

A flat section is provided at a distal end of a snare pipe located in a sheath. When a snare is pushed, the snare is moved in the snare pipe with a looped expansible section of the snare kept in contact with both opposite sides of the flat section. As a result, the expansion direction of the looped ...

Hitoshi Hatano: Liquid immersion lens system and optical apparatus using the same. Olympus Optical, Pillsbury Winthrop, May 6, 2003: US06560032 (266 worldwide citation)

A low magnification liquid immersion objective lens system uses an immersion liquid having a refractive index for the d-line within a range defined by a condition (1) shown below, and has a magnification &bgr; and a working distance WDL which satisfy the following conditions (2) and (3):

Kideki Shimonaka, Ichiro Nakamura: Forceps plug for endoscopes. Olympus Optical, Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, March 7, 1989: US04809679 (260 worldwide citation)

A forceps plug for endoscopes comprises energizing means for partly pressing only the center on an outer peripheral portion of an elastic plug body which portion corresponds to a slit provided in the latter and is in a direction substantially perpendicular to the slit, in a direction to close the sl ...

Sekino Naoki, Inaba Makoto, Iida Koji: Medical treatment instrument. Olympus Optical, July 17, 2001: JP2001-190564 (253 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a medical treatment instrument capable of surely coagulating the tissue of a blood vessel or the like grasped between a pair of treatment members, surely incising the coagulated tissue, being recycled, and realizing the low cost. SOLUTION: Openable and closeable gras ...

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A customer and merchandise image data are picked up by an image generator and are stored in a customer data storage section and a merchandise data storage section in a data storage section together with link data and key data about each customer and each merchandise. Sales data of a merchandise for ...

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A stabbing apparatus for penetration of a living body wall, having a stabbing apparatus body provided with a sharp edge, a pressure sensor disposed on the peripheral surface thereof to sense the pressure to which the sensor is subjected when stabbing a living body wall, and an indicator responsive t ...