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A bus permits the number of active serial data lanes of a data link to be re-negotiated in response to changes in bus bandwidth requirements. In one embodiment, one of the bus interfaces triggers a re-negotiation of link width and places a constraint on link width during the re-negotiation.

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A rendering pipeline system for a computer environment uses screen space tiling (SST) to eliminate the memory bandwidth bottleneck due to frame buffer access and performs screen space tiling efficiently, while avoiding the breaking up of primitives. The system also reduces the buffering size require ...

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The invention is embodied in a gigabit Ethernet adapter. A system according to the invention provides a compact hardware solution to handling high network communication speeds. In addition, the invention adapts to multiple communication protocols via a modular construction and design.

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A graphics processing device implementing a set of techniques for power management, preferably at both a subsystem level and a device level, and preferably including peak power management, a system including a graphics processing device that implements such a set of techniques for power management, ...

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Systems and methods for private addressing in a multi-processor graphics processing subsystem having a number of memories and a number of graphics processors. Each of the memories includes a number of addressable storage locations, and storage locations in different memories may share a common globa ...

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A system, method and computer program product are provided for avoiding reading z-values in a graphics pipeline. Initially, near z-values are stored which are each representative of a near z-value on an object in a region. Such region is defined by a tile and a coverage mask therein. Thereafter, the ...

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Embodiments of the present invention enable virtual-to-physical memory address translation using optimized bank and partition interleave patterns to improve memory bandwidth by distributing data accesses over multiple banks and multiple partitions. Each virtual page has a corresponding page table en ...

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Systems and methods for balancing a load among multiple graphics processors that render different portions of a frame. A display area is partitioned into portions for each of two (or more) graphics processors. The graphics processors render their respective portions of a frame and return feedback da ...

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Methods, apparatuses, and systems are presented for updating data in memory while executing multiple threads of instructions, involving receiving a single instruction from one of a plurality of concurrently executing threads of instructions, in response to the single instruction received, reading da ...

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A method and apparatus for executing loop and branch program instructions in a programmable graphics shader. The programmable graphics shader converts a sequence of instructions comprising a portion of a shader program and selects a first set of fragments to be processed. Subsequent sequences of ins ...