Stéphane De Lombaert
De, Lombaert Stéphane: Certain tetrazole derivatives. Novartis, de, Lombaert Stéphane, NOVARTIS, June 27, 1996: WO/1996/019486

The present invention relates to the phosphono-alkylamino-substituted tetrazole derivatives of formula (I), and tautomers thereof wherein R¿1? is (carbocyclic or heterocyclic) aryl-C¿1?-C¿4?-alkyl; X is phenylen, phenylen substituted by lower alkoxy, lower-alkyl, halogen or trifluoromethyl or X is e ...

Stéphane De Lombaert
De, Lombaert Stéphane, Firooznia Fariborz, Hoyer Denton Wade: Derivatives of alpha-mercaptoacetamide. Novartis, Novartis Erfindungen Verwaltungsgesellschaft Mbh, de, Lombaert Stéphane, Firooznia Fariborz, Hoyer Denton Wade, BECKER Konrad, October 18, 2001: WO/2001/077095

Novel thiol derivatives of formula (I) wherein variables R¿1?, R¿2?, R¿3?, R¿4?, A, X, and Y have the meanings as defined hereinbefore; disulfide derivatives derived from said compounds wherein R¿1? is hydrogen; and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof; said compounds being useful as endothelin ...

Karl Heinz Altmann, Rene Imwinkelried, Albert Eschenmoser: Carbocyclic nucleosides containing bicyclic rings, oligonucleotides therefrom, process for their preparation, their use and intermediates. Novartis Corporation, Gregory D Ferraro, December 23, 1997: US05700920 (246 worldwide citation)

Compounds of the formulae I and Ia and their racemates ##STR1## in which A is --CH.sub.2 -- or --CH.sub.2 CH.sub.2 --, R.sub.1 is hydrogen or a protective group, R.sub.2 is hydrogen or a protective group or a radical forming a phosphorus-containing nucleotide bridge group and B is a purine or pyrimi ...

Kevin M Turnblad, Yuguang Chen: Insecticidal seed coating. Novartis, Michael P Morris, March 2, 1999: US05876739 (225 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an insecticidal coating for a seed comprising one or more binders selected from the group consisting of polymers and copolymers of polyvinyl acetate, methyl cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol, vinylidene chloride, acrylic, cellulose, polyvinylpyrrolidone and polysaccharide ...


L Lawrence Chapoy, William Rovani, John B W Lett: Multifocal contact lens with aspheric surface. Novartis, Jian Zhou, Robert Gorman, R Scott Meece, October 26, 2004: US06808262 (184 worldwide citation)

A contact lens is disclosed having a front surface and a back surface. The lens contains a continuously varying aspheric surface on one or more of these surfaces.

Joseph Berger, Thomas C Collins, Rudolf E Slovacek: Oxygen sensing membranes and methods of making same. Bayer Corporation, Novartis, Dianne E Reed, Louis L Wu, Reed & Associates, February 20, 2001: US06190612 (150 worldwide citation)

Optical sensor formulations comprising polymeric sensing formulations and methods of predictably making optical sensor formulations, for, e.g., measuring O