Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, James Yan: Call routing in an ATM switching network. Northern Telecom, Yoshiharu Toyooka, May 13, 1997: US05629930 (67 worldwide citation)

A routing scheme for an ATM switching network includes a plurality of switching nodes, each of which includes individual storage for storing routing messages for each outgoing link. A call at a source node is routed through one possible routing path which requires only one or two links to complete a ...

Maged Beshai
David A Brown, Stacy W Nichols, Maged E Beshai: Multi-core ATM switch with cells in the core from an inlet for an outlet being aligned. Northern Telecom, April 20, 1999: US05896380 (58 worldwide citation)

A multi-stage ATM switch has a plurality of inlet stage fabrics, core stage fabrics and outlet stage fabrics. ATM cells routed by the switch have destination fields including (i) an identification of the outlet stage fabric and (ii) an identification of the outlet port. Cells incoming to a given inl ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Ernst A Munter: High capacity ATM switch. Northern Telecom, Yoshiharu Toyooka, April 28, 1998: US05745486 (29 worldwide citation)

An ATM switch architecture expandable to multi-terabits/s uses data transfer in a heterogeneous burst of a constant length. It employs rotators connecting stages in a three-stage switch configuration. In one embodiment, the cells are sorted at ingress and a matching process is performed between the ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Todd D Morris: Admission control in an ATM switching node. Northern Telecom, March 9, 1999: US05881049 (26 worldwide citation)

The invention resides in a precise technique for determining the equivalent bit rate (EBR) of a variable bit rate (VBR) ATM connection. The technique extends a known single-source method developed by Gibbens and Hunt. The new technique applies to shared facilities and hence exploits the statistical- ...

Paul M Brennan, Raymond M Mark: Personal communication service with mobility manager. Northern Telecom, Jean Pierre Fortin, July 12, 1994: US05329578 (732 worldwide citation)

A system for providing personal communication services (PCS) is described, wherein a subscriber can tailor the telephone service to provide communication mobility and incoming call management. Calls to a personal number assigned to the subscriber are routed to a PCS service node which will re-route ...

Mihai Focsaneanu, Richard P Skillen, Frederick C Livermore: Access to telecommunications networks in multi-service environment. Northern Telecom, Yoshiharu Toyooka, March 11, 1997: US05610910 (563 worldwide citation)

In current voice telephony, CATV, and wireless networks, traffic is channelized for both access and transport. This channelization is wasteful of resources where multiple services have varying demands for bandwidth and holding times, or a service generates traffic that is bursty in nature. The inven ...

Anthony C C Ng, Mukul Saran: Capacitor structure for an integrated circuit. Northern Telecom, Angela C de Wilton, December 10, 1996: US05583359 (293 worldwide citation)

A capacitor structure for an integrated circuit and a method of fabrication are described. The capacitor structure is defined by layers forming interconnect metallization and interlayer dielectrics. The latter are relatively thick, and provide high breakdown voltages. Multilevel metallization scheme ...

Wing F Lo: Method of locating a mobile station. Northern Telecom, Foley & Lardner, March 8, 1994: US05293642 (293 worldwide citation)

A method of providing an estimation of a mobile station's location in a cellular communication system having a plurality of base stations and mobile stations is disclosed. The mobile station's location is provided by measuring radio propagation parameters between the mobile station and each base sta ...

Cecil H Bannister, Rangaprasad Govindarajan, Russell A Edwards, Bradley A Fink: Methods and apparatus for providing communications to telecommunications terminals. Northern Telecom, Foley & Lardner, August 24, 1999: US05943399 (290 worldwide citation)

In methods and apparatus for providing communications to a telecommunications terminal, a request for a page of data is received at a data service node, the request specifying at least one particular terminal. A terminal status request is sent from the data service node to a communications system wh ...

Mendel Lazear Peterson Jr: Timed availability of secured content provisioned on a storage medium. Northern Telecom, Foley & Lardner, January 5, 1999: US05857020 (270 worldwide citation)

A service methodology based on distribution of secured content, such as, movies, music, games, information and the like, whereby revenue may be generated for premier and pay-per-use access to the secured content. The service is manifested by the combination of a video disk reader, controller and aut ...