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A user interface which can access downloaded TV program information, which can be continually updated and provided either "over the air", over cable or satellite transmission paths or other "fast data" paths, and automatically correlate this information with the preferences of the user, to create an ...

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A system for integrating the operation and control of a television receiver and a video cassette recorder (vcr), the television receiver being capable of receiving and displaying various television channels as well as other video signals, and the vcr being capable of recording programs at least from ...

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A television receiver is equipped with a graphics generator which is capable of generating a single or multiple graphic images from data representing commercial advertisements stored in a memory device. The elements of this arrangement include a micro-controller, a memory device, a graphics and memo ...

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A method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating an MCM television signal is described which is particularly useful in proposed "simulcast" HDTV terrestrial broadcasting. The MCM spectrum of the television signal is shaped using weighting coefficients which are derived from either an idealized ...

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A television receiver comprising an improved interface circuit which automatically activates a PIP display of an auxiliary input (for example a videocassette or videodisc) when such an input is detected.

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A lateral double-diffused MOS transistor includes a field-shaping semiconductor layer which serves to improve the breakdown voltage and/or on-resistance characteristics of the device. The field-shaping layer redistributes the electrical field in the device during operation in order to eliminate elec ...

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A method and apparatus for encoding a television source signal having a first bandwidth, into a frequency multiplexed signal having a narrower bandwidth and comprising a plurality of subcarriers modulated with digital information. Each of said subcarriers has an amplitude, bandwidth and coding chara ...

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A solid state light modulator structure useful in a video display system includes a deformable silica containing gel layer on an array of charge storage elements, and an adherent, highly light reflective metal (e.g., Ag) electrode layer formed directly on the surface of the gel layer by sputtering i ...

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An electrophoretic display device is described where a set of anode electrodes in an electrophoretic cell are disposed opposite row and column electrodes at a second side of the electrophoretic cell. The anode electrodes encompass equal pluralities of at least the row electrodes, and such equal plur ...

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An electrophoretic visual display device using an electrophoretic suspension with pigment particles in a dielectric suspending liquid and a dye for contrasting color, all enclosed in a unit comprising a transparent electrode spaced from at least one segmented electrode by an insulating member; a mes ...